So, how to reduce spam? Possibly be done through dissolving the liquid content of the congealed meat through scientific process. Most of us have never tried it, but we’ve seen the can on the shelves and made our mind up that the ‘goodness’ inside, probably isn’t for us and we’d rather have a McDonalds.

Saying that we’ve probably all have had more than enough of the virtual type of spam. How many of us have been offered untold riches from some African attorney, or realised our manhood’s were too small, even if we were women. Well if you have an email, you’ve more than likely been told this. So, we tackle how to reduce spam and restore order to your inbox.

how_to_reduce_spam How to Reduce Spam

Website – How to Reduce Spam

If you want to avoid spam, try to avoid placing your personal email address on websites. There are crawlers made to look through sites for emails and then send you spam without your permission. Otherwise, use a contact form, this completely removes the chance of getting spam and allows you to prequalify entries.

Catch Alls

These generic mail boxes collect the mail that is not sent to a named account. Though it spells addresses correctly it also means automated emails are sent to your account. Removing it limits the chances of this.

Single Names – How to Reduce Spam

There are likely to be a lot of people called Peter in the world and so such names increase the chances of being guessed and spam coming to your box. Use full names, the rarer and less common, the less chance of being guessed and you receiving spam. Using words such as sales@, or support@ will also lead to this problem – avoid them too. Ensure to do this on all social media pages also.


Of course this one is obvious. However, using an email program with integrated spam filtering reduces the amount of spam you receive. Mozilla offers a great Thunderbird desktop app to prevent the incidence of spam. It also allows you to set it to show all messages not marked as spam and this reduces clutter. Hosts also often offer spam filtering packages. Setting up customised rules for the delivery of mail means you can limit the incidence of spam.

Bulk emails – How to Reduce Spam

When sending bulk emails, try and avoid the use of To, or CC. This is because if you send some sort of viral email, it often is sent to others unknown. This leads to a long list of email addresses, including yours ending up floating around, which can always lead to a lot of spam being sent to your accounts.

Generic Email 

Setting up a generic email for forums or places where you will generally collect spam, means not lowering the amount of spam you get, but does mean it all goes into one place, which you don’t have to look at on regular occasions.