Wikipedia has more information than the world has ever seen and sometimes finding what you need can be a little bit of a quest. We’ve compiled a list of Wikipedia tips and tricks to get the most from the colossal encyclopedia.

wikipedia_tips_tricks Wikipedia Tips & Tricks

Page – Wikipedia Tips

The page on Wikipedia can be changed and made that little bit more fun if required. All it takes is for you to add a snippet of code to your page. This is like an app to change the pages style. Choose from a number of colours and designs to change your Wikipedia experience permanently.

wikipedia_tips_tricks-1 Wikipedia Tips & Tricks


Wikipedia offers a layer that can be placed over it for Google Maps. To do this just go to your Google Maps and click on the top right and select Wikipedia. The map then shows a specific area relating you the entry you put in.


If you want to see a history of your searches on Wikipedia just click the ‘View History’ tab at the top. This allows you to see recent edits to pages as well as compare the revisions of the article you previously viewed.

Searching – Wikipedia Tips

Searching on Wikipedia can be improved through a few little tricks. Double quotes and hyphens perform their usual tasks. Wild card searches can be performed via an astrerix. If you add a tilde ~ you will get vague search results, which can make things easy if you’re unsure of exactly what sort of search you require.

View Stats

The Wikipedia view stats for your site can also be viewed. It is possible to see these stats in a similar manner to SEO stats by clicking the ‘View History’ tab and then looking for the page view statistic.

Collate Articles

It is also possible to bring all the Wikipedia articles together into a book by using the ‘Create a book’ in the Print/export’ menu on the left of the page. Add these articles to your book and print them off as a PDF, or just download.

Mobile Wikipedia Tips

Wikipedia has a mobile version of the app called lite for iPhone and Android. This is much speedier on the go and ideal for browsing on the move.

No Links

The Wikipedia articles are full of links. It’s possible to get rid of all of these links by clicking on the ‘Printable Version’ icon, under the ‘Print/export’ menu. This creates a page with far fewer distractions that many find easier to read.


Over 95 per cent of the Wikipedia articles that are in the English language link to an article that has philosophical consequence.  Load up an article and then click on the first link in the article. If you do this repeatedly you will soon end up with a link to a philosophy page.

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