Twitter followers, and worthwhile ones at that, are quite hard to build up. As with many things in life though, it’s easy to get the numbers, getting quality is the hard part.

What we’re saying is – don’t buy Twitter followers – it’s about as much use as an underwater hairdryer. When you purchase numbers, all you’re doing is adding people who don’t care about your business, if they even exist that is. It’s going to do you no good at all and it may even cause harm – so don’t do it. However, here are some great ideas on how to get good followers for your business.

Twitter-followers-1 How to Get More Twitter Followers Quickly and We Don’t Mean Buy Them

Focus on Relevant People

The best followers are those that show you social media love on a regular basis. The premise being that if they’re willing to share your content, then they’re most likely happy with the stuff you produce and a good target audience.

There’s a great tool out there called It shows you people that have engaged with you and also influencers in a niche. Using this tool to identify the people who could work well with you and then engaging with them is a great way to develop brand champions.

Find Followers

Finding people in your niche or area of expertise is easy too. There are a number of apps out there that will search through bios and Twitter information and show you relevant people. Manage Flitter is a good tool and searches keywords, geo-locations and influence levels and will return relevant people. You can then focus on engaging with these people and creating mutually beneficial relationships.

The Old Fashioned Way

You can do this the old fashioned way too and build relationships with notable people in your industry. Simply, make a list of followers and then get to work commenting on their blogs, mentioning their posts, offering them retweets and mentions and sharing their content. Do this enough and the magic should happen – just watch as their followers become your followers.

The Power of the #Hashtag

Being smarter with your tags can improve the chance of you getting the attention you desire and building up your follower base. Here are some examples of better hashtag use:

  • Live tweeting from events or conferences and including the hashtag of that event or conference
  • Engaging in industry relevant twitter chats
  • Savvy use of hashtags is also a good idea and you should always think of the sort of specific, but popular, hashtags people in your target audience will use when searching through Twitter

Quality Content

Of course, even if you implement these strategies to the zenith, they’re not a lot of use if you don’t have any quality content to share. Sharing the best of your industry knowledge on your Twitter account will help you to increase active followers and make more of Twitter. Once again, just be careful of the hashtags you use and try to use relevant, searched for keywords to get the most from your efforts.

Following these tips from today onwards should help you improve not only your follower numbers, but most importantly the quality of your followers.