Before we get to close to 2018, let’s give your Twitter profile another boost, or two. Brevity is the soul of wit, or so the saying goes, and Twitter is proof of this. In 140 characters you can make the world laugh, or cry, start a conversation or a revolution. But how do you go from a following of 4 to a following of 4000? How do you go from 4000 to 40,000? How do you get even higher? Well, the folks at My Social Agency are here to help you with that; we’ve compiled a list of our favourite tips, tricks and hacks to help you grow your legions of Twitter fans. Be sure to let us know if any work particularly well for you!

Your profile

Your first priority should be to optimise your profile, after all, this is the major impression that other users will get of you if they click through from one of your tweets! There are a few things to do here, so, in no particular order, you could:

MSA-blogpost-10 Twitter Hacks: How To Get More Twitter Followers
  • Profile and header image

    • If you’re the CEO of a company, this is an amazing thing, but avoid using your brand’s logo for your profile image. Twitter is (for the most part) a platform filled by humans, interacting with other humans, so don’t be a corporate image, be you!
    • You should think similarly for your header image, whilst it’s okay to include your logo, it’s more effective to include an image which is relevant to your work which possibly includes your logo. No matter what, you’re still a real person, and should anything go wrong with your brand, this gives you a degree of separation from everything, so you can still use Twitter without always being the voice of your product.

Let’s get onto the words of your profile, because Twitter is first and foremost a written platform.

  • Optimise your bio

    • Your bio is your chance to explain who you are, what you do, and why people should care… and you don’t have a lot of words to do it in! Remember to keep it brief though, you only get 160 characters for your bio!
    • Include relevant keywords in your bio, highlight your skills and your content, if you’re a writer, baker, designer or acrobat this is your time to shout about your skills. Relevant keywords make it easier for interested parties to find you and connect to your other platforms.
  • Include what city you’re based in, this makes it far easier for locally based brands and customers to find out that you’re close by! It also makes it easier for you to engage with others based near you, but we’ll get on to more about that later…
  • You can only have one link in your bio, so make sure it’s to your most trafficked page, whether that’s your online store or your blog, make sure that Twitter is connecting the most relevant people to your other content.
  • Pin a tweet to the top of your page. Not all of your tweets are going to generate hundreds of likes and retweets, and you don’t want to risk a new visitor seeing an underperforming post. To make sure that new visitors are seeing only the best of your content, pin a high performing tweet which sums up your brand and value, you’ll be amazed by the traction it gains for you.


The other beauty of Twitter is that it’s so interactive, everyone is of an equal status and can talk to one another as such. This is why you see conversations between celebrities and your next door neighbour, and why ‘Twitter wars’ can spread so far, so fast! Whilst we’re not endorsing picking a fight with anyone, we do recommend engaging with others because it can bring so many more people to your profile and product.

  • Ask for retweets, it might seem cheeky, but doing this can generate 4 times as many retweets for you! If you don’t ask, you don’t get.
  • Use relevant hashtags to draw people in, tweeting about specific topics and asking questions invites engagement, so get tagging.
  • Reference other users and tag them, they’re more likely to engage if they’re notified
  • To make your Twitter efforts successful, you need to have some give and take, retweet others generously and praise their work when suitable! If you’re talking about yourself the entire time then what incentive do other people have to listen? Get involved with other people’s conversations and debates, you might learn something new.
  • Make the most of your other networks, connect your email address and find out who in your contact list is also on Twitter, or find and follow your LinkedIn connections here, a great way to connect your professional networks to a slightly more informal platform.

Links from your other accounts

  • In the same way that your followers don’t have time to follow many complex links, Twitter shouldn’t be a chore for you. If you’re a WordPress user, installing plugins such as the Tweet This can make posting to Twitter so much easier.
  • Add Twitter sharing buttons to all of your available platforms and make it easier for users to promote your content (because who doesn’t love free promotion?)
  • Don’t forget to promote your Twitter account on your other sites, it’s great for getting friends, family and your professional network to engage with your content, and get your other audiences onto Twitter.


  • Find out what time in the day generates the most engagement for you, some restaurants find that between 5pm and 6pm they generate more traffic than at any other time! This could be because it’s when the highest percentage of workers are on their breaks – for more information you can read a longer study, here.
  • Tweeting on the weekends can be a great way to generate more buzz and gain followers, this is because more people are online – resulting in up to 17% more engagements than during Monday to Friday! If you want to find out more, the full study is here.

Be helpful

  • Use tools like Social Mention to find out what other users are saying about your brand or industry. Answer questions where you can and educate, this makes you a more trusted resource and worth following in the eyes of many users.
  • Try to promote other people’s content, be helpful, you’re not the only great creator out there!
  • Put positivity out into Twitter, motivational and inspirational quotes are likely to be retweeted
  • Ask other users questions and remember to tag them directly, it’s hard to resist a question which gives people a chance to show off their knowledge or expertise!

These tips will help you organically grow your following, if there’s any one tip that helps boost you into the stratosphere, be sure to let us know! And if you’re looking for advice on how to gain more Pinterest followers, we have a blog to help you with that, here.