facebook-applications Getting More from Facebook AppsA lot of businesses don’t use all available tools when it comes to social media and Facebook apps is definitely one area where people are lacklustre. In fact, there are all sorts of ways these apps can make life easier, provide better customer communication and deepen ties between your business and your patrons – let’s take a look.

Off Facebook

Facebook is a great way to get in touch with people, but having additional ways to contact them is never a bad thing either. That’s why a ‘newsletter sign-up’ app is often a great one to add to your social media page. Asking people to like your page to receive the form is a good way of getting people to sign-up on the double. In addition, why not post status updates regarding interesting newsletter content on Facebook to encourage people to sign-up.

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Customers Support

A ‘contact us’ app is also a great addition and allows you to streamline the customer reach process and direct fans to customer support. This app also poses as the perfect link to enable customer complaints on-page while limiting the number of unwanted conversations that take place on your timeline.


Service businesses will need to take appointments regularly and an ‘appointments’ app is the perfect solution for them. These allow clients to make reservations via social media. You simply create an app with a form including name, telephone number and the times of service and then call them back to confirm the booking. There are a number of more complex appointments apps currently available on a range of sites; some using OpenTable and others with interactive maps included. In conclusion, you can customise these apps with all the fields and functionality that you need.

facebook-apps Getting More from Facebook Apps


Throughout the year there are all sorts of events and holidays, creating excellent promotional opportunities for businesses, and apps can come in useful here too. Everything from Christmas to Halloween to Easter can be incorporated into a ‘seasonal’ app. These apps can feature contests and coupons regarding the seasonal event taking place and this can be a great way to engage customers and keep them on-side during the period.

Facebook Exclusives

The Facebook ‘exclusive’ is an old trick that has worked from the beginning and apps are a great way to create interest with these exclusives. If the deals are good enough it means people will check regularly to ensure they’re not missing out and deals offer another useful way to link fans to your home site.


Of course, apps can also be used to gain feedback from people about how your business is doing. This provides insight and info regarding your business, its products and its services. Feedback is essential and a great way to improve your customer service, and also allows you to gain insight into what customers would like to see.

Facebook apps can be a neat, tidy and innovative way to really get more from Facebook and achieve your business goals.

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