mobile-web Going Mobile - The 2013 Guide for Business

We’ve mentioned the importance of honing the mobile presence of your business numerous times recently. We believe that 2013 is going to be even more of a year for mobile than 2012. Simply put, businesses need to cater for mobile online.

mobile-web-1 Going Mobile - The 2013 Guide for Business

One of the big developments next year is the arrival of 4G and the benefit this brings for mobile sites is huge. More data, faster and fewer limits means the multimedia website will soon come to mobile.

Currently, there are three ways to provide for your mobile users online; so being the good Samaritans we are, we’re going to look at each and the ups and downs of one over the other.

Separate Mobile Site

A lot of companies decide on a separate mobile site for mobile offerings. Usually this is a minimalist version of the larger webpage with fewer visuals and in a smaller size to aid browsing speed.


– Better user experience as it’s specifically is made for the task at hand
– No need for installation of apps or checking through app stores on line to find site
– Developers create these sides for the fastest download speeds – perfect for those with poor connections and data caps.


– You will need to run two sites and this can cost a lot to develop and maintain
– You may end up creating two very similar sites that will affect SEO and confuse search engines
– The site is not responsive and more created to work with all mobile devices. The wide range of mobile sizes means that the site takes a jack for all trades approach and doesn’t offer the best for all devices.

Responsive Web Sites

This sort of responsive site removes the need to cater for two sites and the website adapts to the platform the page is viewed on. This allows for the best possible experience for all sites and means there is no requirement to run two or more sites.


– Cheaper in the long run as it is future proof.
– Always ready for all devices
– Duplication of content is not an issue and you simply load onto the one standard site.


– Not all information is ideal for mobile devices
– Costly to implement and also you may need to find staff to do so
– The page may be quite large for mobile devices, which is something that can cause problems for data and with speeds.

guardian-mobile-website Going Mobile - The 2013 Guide for Business

The App

The mobile app is perfect for those with optimised sites, though is the most expensive choice. They are a convenient way to access information and make it easier to drive traffic specifically to your site.


– Mobile apps are made to work with a specific device and so provides the best experience
– Apps are a great form of advertisement
– Many business find their apps are installed after customers unexpectedly find them in app stores


– Expensive to develop
– Apps need to be created for each specific operating system
– Many people won’t want to clog up their phone with your app
– This means that a responsive or additional mobile site is a necessity and so makes this route more costly.

Getting started now means that you can be ready for 2013 and the whole new world of possibilities 4G is about to bring. The mobile site, the responsive site and the app all have their own benefits and pitfalls, so take your time and evaluate which best fits in with your business.

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