google-glass-i1 Google Glass - Everything You Need to KnowGoogle Glass has seen a significant amount of press since it came to the media’s eyes only a couple of years ago. Since then we’ve seen the item transformed from a clunky headset to something a lot sleeker.

If you’re not familiar with the item, Google Glass is a pair of glasses with a small prism in the right corner of the right eye. The item is connected to the world of online and allows users to perform all of the smart phone actions they would with a smart phone. Images and info are displayed on the small screen and the item is voice controlled, allowing for hands free use.

 Google Glass - Everything You Need to Know

Google Glass is just one of a flit of new wearable technology items to arrive for 2013, with many more predicted in the coming months and years. However, how practical is it?

Google Glass – Fashion

Google Glass does have a certain look at me factor, however like anything beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Some may consider them a futuristic piece of stylish eyewear, others the remnants of some Star Trek convention.

google-glass Google Glass - Everything You Need to Know

Google Glass – Aesthetics

Google has tried to streamline the aesthetics of the glasses in recent times and will most likely hope they become something lauded rather than laughed at. Alternatively, recent photos of Google founder Serge Brins on the New York Underground wearing the glasses saw him sneered at for looking like a geek.

Of course, the practicalities are very clear to see. Users have all the information they want in front of them, easily accessible via voice control. There’s no having to ruffle around pockets or bags; all the information is a voice command away. Alternatively, perhaps the items will be seen as a target for criminals? At $1500 a pop initially, they’re not cheap and whether considered geeky or not, there will surely be a market for them.

google-glass-design Google Glass - Everything You Need to Know


Also, another question that has come to the fore is, how are they powered? Smart phone batteries are still cumbersome things and the frames for Google Glass seem to be quite minimalist? There are fears that the Google Glass may require wiring to a battery pack. Though this may not be the case, we still don’t know where the power comes from.

And that’s not the only issue. Many people also have all sorts of qualms about being constantly connected to the world via smart phone and digital burnout is increasingly becoming a commonly used term. Will people feel comfortable with something that integrates them further into the digital world?


Of course, the glasses can work wonders for those with mental or physical incapacitation, but will we all want to use them on a daily basis? Further to this, imagine the depth that Google’s data mining services could see into our daily worlds if we wear these items. From video cameras taking images and seeing what we see, to all the other in depth information that glasses like these could offer; Google Glass taken to its furthest point has a deeply Orwellian undertone. We could see significant privacy issues.

However, we’ll have to wait and see if Google Glass goes main stream? Currently, it’s a niche project somewhat in the concept area. However, there’s plenty to thing about and more if it does.

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