We know that Christmas is not that long gone, but the next few months hold a number of very important commercial holidays.

With this in mind, businesses now have plenty of opportunities to promote their products and brand, and engage with potential customers too. Let’s take a look at some universal tips that can be used across a myriad of social media holiday promos:

Googames-1 Top Hat Online Promo Ideas For Upcoming Events


A completely separate microsite can be a great way to start a promotion or a competition for a particular event. By keeping it separate to your main site you can be creative, a little adventurous and also don’t have to worry about closing it down and removing links afterwards.

Of course, you may be wondering how you can incorporate actions to add visibility? Well, use Twitter – it’s simple as that. Create a tweet that asks fans to link to their Twitter profile – offering them something in return of course. This will boost your engagement levels on social media around the event and also in the long term too. A great example of this was performed by Sephora – a cosmetics brand.

Facebook Games

One of our favourite versions of this technique was created by chocolate company Cadburys. Adding an element of competition and gaming to anything brings in people who otherwise wouldn’t care for your brand.

Cadburys has over 2.6m followers on their Crème Egg specific Facebook page, even though the eggs only sell for 3-4 months of the year around Easter. They’re also the best-selling confectionery item Cadburys has by a long way too – very popular.

To make the most of the popularity and also of one of the biggest events in the world, the 2012 Olympic Games, Cadburys created a Goo Games Facebook campaign and included a Facebook Game to play. Those who wanted to take part in the game simply had to “like” the Facebook page first – resulting in an amazing number of “likes” and very high levels of engagement.

Low- Tech

You don’t even have to create anything as complex as a Facebook game. An old marketing classic is the sweets in a jar contest. Simply, fill a large jar with sweets and ask fans to guess the number in the jar and offer a prize for the correct guess. It’s a simple but very effective competition that should allow you to increase engagement rapidly and as there’s a sweet type for every big occasion, you can keep it relevant quite easily.

Vine and Instagram are Going to be Big

Vine and Instagram are only going one way in 2014 and that way is up. Leverage these for your competition to create increased engagement levels.

The big thing here is to be creative. The looping effect of these videos means that it’s quite easy to create a very effective Vine video and the fact Twitter shows it as a post is even better.

Dunkin Donuts created their DunkinReplay Vine to mark a Monday Night Football game in America. The company’s marketers recreated a play from the game with a mixture of its iced coffees, latte cups and a detailed American football set. This was then advertised on ESPN’s Monday Night Countdown on the channel’s billboard ad unit.

Another very smart and simple Vine that uses stop/start was created by American tool store Lowes, who used their tools to animate a bursting firework to celebrate the 4th of July.

Social media can be a fantastic way to make more of events and draw attention to your brand at a crucial commercial time of the year.