Launching a product is rarely a simple process and it’s important to make sure that you give your new item the best start possible.

Social media allows you to get a product up and running for a lot less than traditional methods do, by allowing you to contact the people you want to engage with, in a quick and easy manner. A little initiative, some creativity and a bit of graft can give your product notable results – so here are some ideas to get your product off the ground:

Campaign-Launch1-1 Great Tips for Better Product Launches on Social Media

Offer a Teaser

There are very few things that can summon up greater intrigue than a secret.  By creating a teaser campaign leaving people wanting to know more, you will be off to a strong start.

Using a little creativity, it’s possible to use social media to create some mystery around the newy product you’re working on. These elements work very well for teaser campaigns:

  • Code word product name mentions
  • Blurred out images of videos
  • Dropping the project code name into conversations with other people on social media
  • Logos
  • Unfinished websites

Offer Updates

A great way to leverage people’s curiosity is to push them towards an email list that allows certain people to hear about the new project first. By placing a limit on the number of people that can sign up for the special list and secret updates, you will generate even more interest and get the hype going.

Video Updates

Another great way to create excitement around a product is to post regular updates on your social media accounts. These can can begin quite vaguely and become more revelatory as time goes on to keep people guessing and returning to find out more. Sending regular updates can also help to engage your audience, by bringing people on a journey with you and thus creating a following while simultaneously building brand recognition. These videos should be short, succinct and improve the person’s understanding of the product in stages – this will get people increasingly excited for the launch.

Before Launch

Adding a “coming soon” banner across your most popular social networks will help provide a final push. You can increase the reach of the message by using promoted posts if needs be. It can be a good idea to try and push the number of people signing up for the pre-launch list at this phase via paid adverts, as it creates a strong relationship and helps spread the word before launch.


Offer those who have followed you until now, as well as those who want to jump on board at the last minute, the chance to save money via a deal. This sort of promotional offer will help boost early sales and also improve your following, as you’ll be getting more people talking about you before your product launch. This can help now and also in the future, if you wish to launch other products as you have a ready and waiting fan base.

Spread the Word

Post launch, try and encourage followers and buyers to share your business and your products. This can be done in a number of ways such as:

  • Add information about the launch to email communication
  • Use social media to offer time limited deals
  • Ensure you have social sharing buttons on your site
  • Simply, ask people to share

All of these little tips can create a good hype around your product launch and get it up and running in the best possible way.