pinterest-marketing-guide A Guide to Pinterest MarketingMake the most out of the image-based social media site

Pinterest has enjoyed a meteoric rise to the top of the social networking pile over the course of the past twelve months, and presents a fantastic opportunity for businesses marketing their products and services online.

pinterest-marketing-guide-1 A Guide to Pinterest Marketing

Despite this, many companies don’t bother with Pinterest, either viewing it still as a site that caters for wedding planners above all else, or just completely ignoring the legend ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’.

If you’re in business, there’s a use for Pinterest and it really should be a part of your social media campaign. This is due to the format of the site, it’s a simple matter to visually present anything from infographics on your services to events which your company has recently held. Many people respond better to images than to words and it’s for this reason that companies should seriously consider using the site.

Pinterest Marketing – The Basics

Once you have a Pinterest account set up, which can be done in the company name, then there’s a few things that can really help to boost your campaign.

Firstly, it’s necessary to ask yourself why Pinterest has become such a popular platform.

– Images often appeal to emotions within the viewer. In order to be successful on Pinterest, it’s vital that this is borne in mind. Post fun, interesting and aesthetically pleasing pins to your board and you’re campaign will soon take off.

– Photos help create a sense of intimacy which help people to feel more connected with your company. An image can help potential buyers to relate to your brand as the brain disseminates what it sees and translates it on a personal level. We all know that social media is all about a two-way conversation, so imagine that is happening as soon as you post a wonderful image that your audience can really relate to.

The above encourages engagement by appealing to the personal and intimate without the need for the viewer to immerse themselves in half an hour’s worth of reading. This ‘instant impact’ gives you instant results, it’s a simple matter to see how much engagement a photo has produced very quickly with Pinterest.

pinterest-marketing A Guide to Pinterest Marketing

Why else use Pinterest

Oh lots of reasons, including SEO. Whilst a Pinterest account on its own won’t really impact how you place in SERP, alongside the rest of your marketing efforts, it won’t hurt your scores when it comes to search engines.

Content distribution is also important and by finding good images for your blog and presenting them with a killer title for Pinterest, you can up your sharing ratio, especially if you begin by sharing blogs which have proved popular on other social platforms in the past.

Pinterest is perfect for designers, whether they make products or design graphics, it’s ideal for showcasing the best designs that you’ve come up with, in order to promote your talents.

As a part of a marketing campaign then, it would be foolish to disregard Pinterest. Not only can it give your online social media efforts a boost, it can help you to reach a demographic that you previously may not have been able to. Many, many people across the globe enjoy images above all else and some of these will never have thought of going to your blog before they see, in all its glory, what you do as a pictorial representation.

So give lots of thought as to how your business can make the most of the scrapbook site. There’s pretty much something for everyone and even better, you can name and customise your boards to attract different types of customer and engagement.

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