content-curation A Guide to Smart Content CurationGreat content is something you create and something we create, however we all only have two hands and that’s why we need to curate content. In fact, we’d go as far as saying being good at curation is as important as being good at creation.

Sharing good content across social media and Twitter specifically helps you build a strong community and also increases your credibility in the industry.

Of course, there’s more to curation than mindless involvement and it does take a little time and effort to see results, however, they’re worth it. Smart curation will:

•  Turn you into a ‘thought leader’
•  Create interest in your business
•  Attract more social media followers
•  Improve your social relevance bringing SEO benefits

What Content?

The content you curate should will be a reflection of the audience you have. So, how do you understand your audience and find out what they want? Well, in essence there are two ways to do this:

•  Ask them via social media
•  Look at what you write currently; take account of what’s successful and then curate content related to this.

Then focus specifically on that sort of content and avoid going off on tangents. After all, you are providing content for your audience; not for anybody else.

How to Curate

Once you know what to Tweet about, you then need to find a good aggregation tool that provides you with the content that’s worth sharing. One of our favourites is Feedly as its interface makes it easier to find the sorts of articles you require and it also links in directly to Buffer.

Fever is a paid tool, however it provides significant potential as it allows you to see which stories are really hot in your network. This is achieved through the use of a temperature gauge, which allows you to find and smartly utilise the content that resonates the most with your audience. This of course increases the chance of interest in the content and also your business.

Other great ways to find worthy content include RSS feeds, Twitter itself, industry relevant blogs and there’s also obviously no accounting for your own discretion. If you see something relevant that interests you, it’s probably worth sharing.

feedly-and-buffer-to-curate-content A Guide to Smart Content Curation


Like most areas of social and marketing, measurement is pivotal and understanding what curation did well, and what curation didn’t do well, allows you to focus more on the content and topics that drive interest. Even though Buffer is a great addition, we would say that HootSuite’s analytics are even better, providing a richer analysis of metrics.

Other variables, such as A/B headline testing and measurement, as well as timings and geographical considerations are also important here.

Smart, accurate and measured content curation can be a significant benefit to business; really helping to push a company forward in the social realm and establishing you as a person of influence in your field.

If you still need extra help obtaining the right content you can always ask MySocialAgency.