With a little help from My Social Agency

We’ve been having great fun on the latest project we’ve just finished here at MySocialAgency and are incredibly excited to be working with Samsung and Blue Cross in order to release a brand new Facebook app, designed to help man’s best friend.

samsung-crufts-1 Samsung and Blue Cross Launch Help-A-Dog-A-Thon Facebook App

Help-A-Dog-A-Thon is the great new app designed to help raise money for homeless dogs. Blue Cross need 2,000 virtual adoptions to give 2,000 abandoned pooches a much-needed health check, before they can go on and be relocated in a loving new home.

Not just restricted to animal lovers, kids will adore the Facebook app which allows you to adopt your very own virtual pet to look after. The app lets you choose from four different breeds of dog: a Labrador, Crossbreed, Greyhound or Staffordshire bull terrier.

Users can choose their own name for the virtual woofer and then go on to look after him. Feed him, exercise him, play with him … it’s up to YOU to keep the dog happy so that it can stay healthy.

help-a-dog-a-thon-app Samsung and Blue Cross Launch Help-A-Dog-A-Thon Facebook App

Facebook App for a Cause

So far, the app has already helped gain 320 dogs an animal MOT, which includes a full health check looking at the condition of an animal’s coat, ears and teeth, as well as his internal health including heart and lungs etc.

Samsung has been involved with helping dogs for around 20 years, including working to train new guide dogs in Korea and working with guide dogs and their trainers internationally to ensure the blind receive the best dogs and the four-legged friends the best training.

Blue Cross for pets has a number of shelters around the UK and is dedicated to taking in, caring for and rehousing pets who have been abandoned for whatever reason.

It’s great to have worked on an app designed for such a good cause and really feels like we’re helping to give something back. The app itself will help not only give 2000 dogs what they need, but raise awareness of an issue that remains a problem in the UK today.

In the past year alone, local authorities picked up 118,932 dogs in the UK, with many of these being collected from urban areas which had been kept as “status dogs”. In the Manchester region, here saw an 82% rise over the last twelve months, whilst Greater London saw a rise of a whopping 148%.

It’s clear then that the economic downturn has affected many a furry friend, so why not do your bit and go and give the app a try today. Not only will you be helping one of the thousands of homeless dogs out there, you can also get a little taste of what we do!

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