twitter-logo How to Be Heard on Twitter without ShoutingIn a lot of ways it might be fair to compare Twitter to a souk – it’s loud, seems to rush by in a flurry and for a lot of passers-by, one stall selling tat looks the same as another stall selling tat. So, the big question is, how do you stand out from the crowd?

Once upon a time (18months or so ago) Twitter felt like a different place. It seemed there was less selling and more relationship building and communication – it appeared more personal and less cluttered. Nowadays, it often seems more about business, sharing content and often it’s a case of he who shouts loudest is heard most.

 How to Be Heard on Twitter without Shouting

However, does it have to be like that? To be seen, do we have to be the biggest, brawniest and loudest contender in the market place? No. Here are some ways to be heard on Twitter without having to shout.

It’s not about Marketing

When Twitter came into existence, it was a communication tool. Nothing’s changed. Twitter is still a communication tool primarily and NOT a marketing tool. So many businesses use it as a marketing tool and focus on sales and sales alone.

By placing the personal before business and being yourself rather than selling your brand, you’re far more inclined to succeed. Using Twitter to converse as you would in person, answer questions and to build relationships will mean you’re far more likely to succeed and grow on it as a platform.


We often vouch for the benefits of automated tools, however to really and truly get the most from Twitter you have to commit and be present. Twitter’s not about ten minutes every morning, it’s about being there as much as possible. In fact, with the right mind-set it’s no more time consuming than sending text messages or a few emails, and thanks to all the great mobile apps, maybe even less so. Once you commit to it and get into a routine, it’s no big deal at all.

Be Well Rounded

People want to see people as a whole, not just as a part. Tweeting about more than Facebook marketing, or hairdryers, or Forex, or whatever your line of work is shows that you’re an interesting person and a human being.

It also shows you’re not some sort of conniving cardboard sales person whose only aim is to sell, sell and sell some more. Though you may be an expert on one particular thing, it’s nice to share your interests online and show what you think about, and that you are more than your work alone.

levels-of-intimacy-in-communication How to Be Heard on Twitter without Shouting

It’s the Long Game

Like any social media, Twitter is about the long game. Results don’t occur overnight. As we’ve mentioned, an important part of achieving success on social media is to use it as a communication tool and not some sort of miracle marketing solution. Rome wasn’t built in a day.

You don’t generally build business relationships in person in five minutes and the same is true online. Take time, evaluate and understand the platform and success will come. Expecting rapid ROI will lead to disheartenment and most likely abandonment. Be realistic.

Twitter is in no way really different to any social interaction and people tend to forget that. You don’t need to be brash, you don’t need to shout and you don’t need to sell. As in life, be polite, helpful and interested and you’ll succeed.

If you would like further guidance in managing your social voice, MySocialMedia are always happy to help.