How-to-Create-a-Meme Memes – What you Need to Know and How to Create One

Some memes are genius, aren’t they? It’s such a simple concept – a picture or a photo emblazoned with some funny text that purveys an idea or a concept in funny terms and the truly great thing is that they’re extremely memorable and very commonly go viral.

They’re also extremely easy to create. You simply use a template and type in your desired text and it’s done. However, going the extra mile and creating your own meme is far more likely to offer greater rewards – so here’s what to consider and ultimately how to do it.

 Memes – What you Need to Know and How to Create One


The best memes are on-trend and by keeping an eye out for topical and relevant news, you are more likely to find a humorous one that resonates with your audience. Ideally, you want an image that works for you and that you can relate to – if you know little or nothing about an image or picture, don’t use it. Honestly, you can’t sell something you know little about. If all else fails and you know little about anything that’s on-trend, just use a furry animal or a public figure in a strange pose.

The Phrase

Ideally, you want a short catchphrase that’s easily understood and gets right to the point. The average Facebook profile reader doesn’t spend too long scrutinising their timeline, so make it simple and easy to understand.

Social-media-meme Memes – What you Need to Know and How to Create One

If you’re using something that already exists online, be certain to relate to the previous memes in some way, shape or form. Usually a meme develops a personality over time, so do your research on images or pictures that are regularly used. This will help to hit the sweet spot with your audience. You want the image to work with what you’re trying to imply or say. Imgur has a good meme maker that’s easy to use.


However, Adobe Photoshop is a better option for those making their own memes as it allows a greater degree of control over the meme. However, there are still plenty of suitable online tools and apps that will create good results – Aviary is one to note also.  If you’re deciding on the video alternative, Instagram and Vine are good tools to use.


Making a meme on Imgur probably the most commonly utilised way to do so and can be done in minutes. Simply, take your image or screen grab and upload it to the tool. Once your image is ready for editing, you just type the text and resize using the tools on the right. When you’re complete be sure to click the ‘make the meme!’ button and decide on submitting it to the public gallery if you like. Imgur provides you with a link to the meme, as well as the option to save it to your computer and HTML code for embedding it too.


This is even easier to use than Imgur, though because it is phone based is a little more finicky. All you have to do is take your desired image and edit and click on the ‘Meme’ option and add text.  Viola, you have a meme. If you like you can also add effects and stickers to enhance it. However, a good meme won’t need anything other than the image and some text.

Send It

Memes need lots of social media exposure, so post it, share it, Tweet it and use Reddit to send it into the webosphere. Fingers crossed it’s going to be a popular one.

Memes are a great way to get a concept or idea across and also are often held in high esteem and go viral. Follow the above tips to create a great one.