facebook-embed How to Embed and Use Facebook PostsAt the end of last week, Facebook launched its new embedded posts feature. The feature follows on from Twitters long time use of embedding and will allow users to embed everything from statuses to hashtags to images.

This means that a user could potentially Like, share or view a post author’s Timeline, while still stay on the page with the embedded post.

 How to Embed and Use Facebook Posts

Currently, the feature is available only to a few select publications; however expect universal roll-out in time. So, let’s take a look at how the feature works, allowing you the chance to get ahead when your site gets the go ahead.

Embedding a Post

It’s quite easy to embed a post, as you’d imagine, and all you have to do is to copy some of the HTML. To find this code:

embed-post-example How to Embed and Use Facebook Posts

– Click the top right hand grey corner of a post and the grey arrow will offer you more options.
– Now, choose the embed post feature
– Copy the HTML code that appears and paste it where you want to

You should now have embedded the post to the place you wish to embed it so it now features in your marketing.

embed-posts How to Embed and Use Facebook Posts

Uses of Embedded Posts

There are loads of great ways these embedded posts can come in useful and we’ve come up with a number of ways to get creative and use them to your benefit.


Say for instance a company has announced some sort of interesting or controversial industry news. Simply, take their announcement post and then embed it on your site and use it as a focal point for conversation, discussion or myth slaying. It could be a great way to create interactivity.


Chats are often a great way to answer questions and can be used rightfully as a Q&A style blog format embedded in your blog or FAQ area. Adding these can answer a host of commonly answered questions and does so by repurposing content that saves you time and shows your human side too.


A lot of sites run original content competitions on Facebook and by embedding the competition and winner on your blog you will have created increases competition interest and offer a platform to show off winning entries.

Press Releases

By using Facebook embedding for press releases you make the whole process more interactive and also easy to share across different websites and media means. It’s a great alternative way to create interest in this area and being one of the first may really help you push those initial immediate releases.

Screen Shots

Embedding is a lot tidier than screen shots and also pulls in the interaction metrics, allowing people to get an idea of how popular the post was. These embedded posts are great for top tens or to add a little spice to blog posts.

Embedded posts look like they could be a lot of fun and the great thing is, that like Twitter embedded posts, they can be used across a wide range of other media. We can’t wait.