twitter How to Hold an Effective Twitter ChatTwitter chats can really be very effective when it comes to creating something of interest for your audience and also improving the social visibility of your business. It’s also a great way to connect with new followers, while engaging the old ones. If you are wondering how to hold an effective Twitter Chat, read on.

An important thing to note is that a Twitter chat is very different and in some ways a lot more flexible than a webinar or a video. For one thing it’s in real time and anyone who wants to join in can by using a hashtag to tag tweets. It’s also quick and easy to follow, easy to add your two cents to and easy to review afterwards. However, like any form of social media activity, there are some tips and tricks you should know.

twitter-1 How to Hold an Effective Twitter Chat


How many times do we cite preparation as key to success – a lot? As Baden Powell said, ‘fail to prepare; prepare to fail’ and the mantra’s true for Twitter chats as it is most other things. Consider who the chat is for, who will most likely join in and research anything that may come up that you’re not sure about. Also, decide on a simple hashtag – it makes things easier.

Participants – how to hold an effective Twitter Chat

If you’re hosting the chat with another participant, be sure you can keep in touch with them. Use Skype or another similar tool to keep tabs on where you both want the chat to go. It’s important to know what others are thinking.


Retweeting is very important here and it’s a great way to garner more interested parties into the chat.  The more you and others retweet, the more other people will see the chat and are likely to join in.

twitter-chat How to Hold an Effective Twitter Chat


There are a number of great ways to wrap up what has been said and discussed, though Storify is a great curating tool for the post Twitter summary.

Markers – how to hold an effective Twitter Chat

So, you can keep tabs on where things are going and others can too, use agenda markets for reference.


Twitter chats don’t just occur; they need to be prepared for. Promotion of a chat in the days leading up to the event is a must. If you want to increase the number of people attending the chat you need to promote it beforehand. So, ask customers, business partners and others to promote it on their social media accounts. Use whatever means you have and remember you want as many people not only tuned in, but also contributing, as possible.


Finally, create interesting and engaging topics of conversation and questions. You want people to be alive and excited about the chat, so make sure they are by creating and asking interesting and topical content they’ll be interested in.

Twitter chats can be a great way to create an interesting and rewarding atmosphere that stimulates, creates participation and engages.

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