tips-for-increasing-engagement-on-google- How to Increase Google+ EngagementGoogle+ is a fantastic tool, simply because it’s not just a social network, but just one part of a whole range of options such as hangouts, docs and Gmail.

Even though on the outset Google+ seems a little sparse, it’s not. Google+ offers rich, in-depth usage and a great way to build relationships that matter. Increasing engagement is worthwhile and can pay dividends in the long run.

tips-for-increasing-engagement-on-google-1-1 How to Increase Google+ Engagement

Networking via Circles

Google’s Circles is still one of its strongest and most useful features. The great thing about Circles is that they are a great way to manage interest groups and they can be created around any theme you like, while it’s also easy to find people and content that’s suitable for these circles via a keyword search.

Strategic curation of Circles allows you to build lasting relationships, target the right people at the right time and stay connected with those that matter and drop in on the activities of those that offer value easily without having to trawl through everything on a newsfeed.

Content is King

As with the Google mantra – content is king. Google+ is like all other social networks in this manner. Visual content is a great way to maximise engagement and increase the likelihood of a share, as it is on most other sites. Screenshots, visually appealing images and infographics are great for this practice.

However, because of the specialised nature of the communities on Google+, resource content and text heavy information is also quite acceptable on Google+.

Also, Google+ allows for #hashtag usage, something that facilitates search even further beyond the social media site’s already great search functions.

google-engagement-tips How to Increase Google+ Engagement


Old fashioned engagement matters on Google+ as it does on any other social media network. The notion of only using Google+ now and again is obviously not one that facilitates engagement and the social media basics apply.

So, respond, comment, discuss, question, mention and create relevant content if you want to further engagement. In addition use the trending area to contribute timely content and engagement.

Communities and Hangouts

These are a great way to connect and participate and frankly, there’s a group for everyone. There are over 50,000 communities on the social media site and these are easy to find. The key to success is to participate regularly by offering quality interactions, content and thought provoking questions.

Of course, if you really want to go direct to your customers and the G+ customer base then Hangouts are a great option. These provide live interaction on a multimedia scale. This is a great way to gain feedback and engage customers in online activities, ask questions and do some research. Essentially, it’s a live video that allows real time participation, so the opportunities are near endless.

Google+ is a bastion of social media and one that unlike Google’s previous efforts, is here for the long run and if utilised well provides a range of great opportunities.

Got any tips on how to increase Google+ engagement of your own? Let us know via the comments.