google-hangout-logo How to Make More of Google+ HangoutsYou’ve probably read about Google+ Hangouts but, looking at the statistics, there’s a high possibility you’ve never participated in one.

Google+ Hangouts is a fantastic tool and one that can really benefit business, help with interviews and is ideal when looking to stay connected with other employees. So, here are some great ways to benefit from the video tool.

Weekly Chats

Weekly chats with colleagues or others in your arena can be a great way to keep in touch and allows you to put a face to your brand. However, its best to choose a topic beforehand to keep things on trend and also help with research. Of course, Google+ Hangouts offer the opportunity for up to ten people to talk face to face on screen at the one time – something that creates a dynamic environment.

One of the great things about Hangouts is that the content can then be turned into a blog post for your site afterwards. Just embed the video along with the blog post to allow people the option of watching too.

New and Old Employees

If you’re employing some new members to your team, then a Google+ Hangout can be a great benefit and allows you to pre-interview before dragging someone up to your office. It saves stress and time, and allows you to see if the potential employee has what it takes.

Alternatively, new employees and co-workers can also use Google+ Hangouts and it’s a great way to have a brainstorming session, talk about a project or just have a face to face catch up on how things are going. And as more than two people can use it at once, it can be a very interactive experience.

Event Streaming

If you’ve ever thought about streaming your event, well Hangouts are the way to do it. This is the perfect solution for those that can’t be there and allows them to connect and see what’s going on, no matter where they are. So, if you’re having a product launch, demo or conference – it can be a great way to include others.

Sales and Demos

Google+ Hangouts is a great aid for both sales and demos and there are a number of ways it can be utilised by business.


Show and tell is the best way to explain most things and if you’re looking to explain how a product, team or item works; then a video can be fantastic. Google+ Hangouts are impersonal and allow you to show how the item works personally and in real life – something that personalises your brand as well as demonstrates the item.


‘Have you tried turning it off and on again?’ Fans of the IT Crowd know exactly what we’re on about here. Videos often provide a clearer explanation of how to deal with technical problems than over the phone. This allows you to help less tech savvy folk in an easier to follow How to Make More of Google+ Hangouts


Not all of our clients are within driveable reach and so because of this a face to face meeting is something that is nigh impossible. A Google+ Hangout allows you the opportunity to deal with them or a number of people at once.

Google+ Hangouts provides a smorgasbord of benefits for business and most would do well from implementing it more into everyday activities.

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