Everybody wants something, let’s not get into Kant’s Categorical Imperative here (Then again why would we?) Most of us only are on the web for what we can get – free information, free entertainment, free goodies, free, etc, etc! People want ease of use and little hassle and this can really be achieved by learning how to make your website more interactive. More interactive sites offer a better user experience, are more pleasurable to use and so receive more subscribers, hits, sales or traffic and gain all the benefits that come with these. So, how is it best achieved?

Blogs and Forums Drastically Increase Interactivity

Blogs offer a fantastic platform for interaction and their less formal status makes for a sense of ease through levity. In doing this they create a sense of ease and familiarity with the brand and product. Blogs also allow users and readers to respond through comment boxes, this sort of communication offers you the perfect chance to interact with customers and create the right impression. Forums offer a similar chance for users and the offering of free advice is an especial lure for some. A simple but essential element on the path of learning how to make your website more interactive.

interactive-site-1 How to Make your Website more Interactive

Interactive Websites – how to make your website  more interactive

Of course, the language a website is programmed with increases interactivity behind the scenes. Using some of the amazing languages such as jQuery, CSS3 or HTML5 can really allow you to leverage interactivity on your site. These languages allow you to create elements users can interact with. Instead of traditional infographics or graphs, the use of jQuery, CSS3 or HTML 5 allows for exciting, interactive graphs that function with the user. These can really be awe inspiring pieces that make a site come alive. As well as adding to the functionality of the website, they also often add to the visual experience.

Responsive Design

Interactivity has also taken a new turn in recent times with the popularity of mobile browsing. To make the most of this revolution, sites should be responsive and should adapt to the viewing ratios and constraints of the screen they are being viewed on. Responsive design allows for sites to be easily read, shared and utilised to their full no matter what the screen size. This sort of optimization provides a far better experience and so is beneficial for the site.

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Newsletters – how to make your website more interactive

Trust is one of the most important things a business can achieve and newsletters area fantastic way of doing this. Offer the people what they want – interesting industry relevant pieces of news, tips and information. Statistics show that contacting a user 7 times and more will greatly increase affinity and levels of engagement. Of course, here again ease of use if king. Ensure newsletters are easy to sign up for and visible in all your do and send.

The Chat Box

These social media inspired boxes are increasingly common and allow you instant interaction with consumers. Real time responses allow you to grow your relationship, increase subscriptions and also cause a rise in sales.

Mini Courses – how to make your website more interactive

The wide range of media and low cost entry into creation of video and podcasts means they are perfect pieces of your strategy to increase interactivity. Creating mini courses in an area of your specialism gives people something for free – they love that – and also show cases your product. It’s a lot easier to sell when people appreciate your product. Selling in this way is substantially more successful than cold sales. Remember the mini course is a taster not an in depth warts and all description and it really works.

Interactivity through Social Bookmarking

If you aren’t social bookmarking and don’t have the options on your page – shame on you. Social book marking allows you to achieve extra social media exposure and once more offers a fast and easy way for people to interact.

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