business-trip How to Remain Productive When Away on BusinessAre you ‘on the road again,’ as Willy Nelson would say. Well, if you are, you’ll want to remain productive and get as much from your work as is humanly and geographically possible.

A lot of us have to travel outside the confines of the office for work and end up in a time critical malaise. When moving about fitting that twenty minutes in when waiting for a flight, or between meetings is imperative. So, we’ve compiled a number of tips to help increase productivity.

business-trip-1 How to Remain Productive When Away on Business


Internet connectivity is the foundation of most work on the go and Wi-Fi hotspots can be a godsend or can be the thing that causes you to return into madness. One good rule of thumb is to spend no longer than 10 minutes getting a hotspot working. If the WI-FI still is failing – then you should change venues and if you can switch to a mobile hot spot.

Hot Spots

Yes, a hot spot can be expensive when abroad, however if you do travel regularly, purchase an unlocked dongle or Mi-Fi router and buy a local sim card. It’s the best way to eliminate those local charges. If you need to use your phone’s mobile hotspot feature, bring a spare battery or try to plug it in as Wi-Fi hotspot creation is extremely hard on battery life. If you have a tablet, it’s preferential to use it as the hotspot as it will have a larger battery.

Battery Issues

Battery issues can be a real pain and there are two options – bring a spare battery or increase the run time with a battery power pack.

One of the issues with spare batteries is that not all phones and laptops allow interchangeable batteries. It also means that if you have a number of devices that do, you need to bring a number of extra batteries and also keep them charged.

Rechargeable power packs often provide a simpler solution and work with a range of devices. This means that you will only need to bring one of these power packs to charge all devices. In addition, many manufacturers are wary of third party batteries and this can cause warranty issues if something goes wrong.


Carrying laptops and tablets is something that has been increasingly easier thanks to a drop in forms and sizes. However, there are still considerations. Bags should come with padding, enough room for peripherals and a decent and comfortable strap. Backpacks are often more comfortable than shoulder sling cases, but they don’t look as attractive if you have to wear a suit.  Also consider ease of access, airport friendly design and also remember airport security issues.


Finally, let’s discuss security. Keeping a laptop safe is so important and that means the physical item itself and also the data on it.

To be honest tracking apps are of limited use, especially when you consider how quickly a computer can be stolen and how easy it is to remove them from an OS.

The old tools are the best and locks are possibly the best way to secure a machine, though can be breached with a little time and effort. The best form of security for laptops is full disk encryption. These and a strong password should prevent even the most savvy breaching your laptop and its info.

These are the best tips to ensure your laptop and productivity are at their best when travelling – do you have any more tips? We would love to hear them via the comments.