twitter-cards How to Use Twitter Lead Generation Cards to Create Leads

Twitter announced its Lead Cards during the summer. They then provided them to all advertisers at the end of August.

 How to Use Twitter Lead Generation Cards to Create Leads

At the time the site cited that one of its beta users saw a 4.6 per cent increase in engagement when the cards were introduced. In addition the beta user generated 1,700 new email addresses within one week as part of a Promoted Tweet campaign. When you realise over 500m tweets are sent every day, lead generation figures like these sound very alluring.

What are they?

Well, if your business uses the promote Tweets option on Twitter, these cards can help. They create an increase in conversion rates by offering a sort of in-site embedded conversion page. Essentially, generation cards are on-tweet forms for capturing data and can be used for garnering information such as email addresses for newsletters etc.

So, let’s see how you can make them work for you?

Firstly, you need to track the lead generation cards and this involves setting up endpoint integration. This can be done through a CRM system such as MailChimp, Eloqua, Silverpop, Salesforce and a number of others. The easiest way to do this is to contact the provider you use and ask for assistance with the endpoint integration. This results in the conversion figures being automatically entered into your chosen CRM database.

Create the Card

To create the card, sign up for Twitter ads and then click on the drop down menu in the right hand corner to find the option on-screen. Now follow the instructions and add offer text, an image and CTA to the button.

Card Design

Now, you need to design the card and one of the most important parts of this is to consider the card’s content. You’re paying for a promoted tweet here, so making the most of the money you spend is a necessity. This means having a clear goal and then reflecting it in the design.

When designing these cards the best way to get value is to use short, compelling descriptions that focus on what you want to say. In addition, make sure you create not only unique and engaging text but also add unique and high quality images to that effect. Finally, consider the call to action and create a message that encourages an action in a clear and interesting manner. One very important tip we’d offer is to use images. Most of Twitter is text based so images tend to stand out significantly.

Rely on it to get your message across visually as this can be very beneficial in encouraging CTA success.

Final Configuration

Now you will need to complete these steps to complete the final configuration

•  Submit URL to where the lead info is directed – CRM endpoint you organised previously.
•  Link to your Privacy Policy – a Twitter must
•  A second URL or fall-back URL is a good idea in case users are performing CTAs on an unsupported platform.
•  Rename all form fields so they sync with the CRM and correspond with the data base. Otherwise you may end up in trouble as inconsistencies may mean data doesn’t sync between form and data base.

Twitter lead generation cards are a great way to shorten the conversion path and also improve follower experience. They also allow you to fully take advantage of promoted tweets and cost no more in monetary terms, just a little more in time and effort. A worthy extra if you ask us.