personal-facebook-for-business How to use your Personal Facebook as a Business Tool

For a long time now I have been very wary of mixing business and pleasure on Facebook. Facebook has historically been a place for my friends with no place for business contacts. However recently, I have had a change of heart and in some instances there is definitely a lot to be said for using your personal Facebook profile for business.

 How to use your Personal Facebook as a Business Tool

Both your private profile and business page can work in tandem but in very different ways. Yes, your private profile is just that, private. However, it can complement your business. Alternatively, your business profile is always going to be the one focused on your branding and message. The thing here is to allow a certain amount of personality blend into your professional conversations as this allows you to gain trust and showcase yourself as a real person. So, let’s take a look at some ways to achieve this balance.

Follow Function

This function allows users to follow you and see your public updates; however they aren’t added as your friends. There are a number of settings here to utilise to get the correct amount of privacy. Essentially, you will need to curate some lists outside of your friends group and orientate them towards business acquaintances. Then once you post and choose the specific filter, the right people will see the right posts. In addition, people not accepted as friends will become followers, which increases your audience with no effort at all.

Celebrations Matter

People like celebrations, but they don’t like bragging. To make the most of this, celebrate your businesses big moments on your own timeline. Why not share the odd picture of a staff day out or the mention an addition of a service or new product? Just use a tone that’s suitable for your private page. Other ways to do this are to check into company events, or share something that’s fun or interesting that happened at work.

Use the Graph

Graph search is a great addition and allows you to connect with the important people in your group. It allows you to use your friends to find influencers through the ‘Friends of Friends’ option. It’s the same as asking your friend in real life to introduce you to someone you wish to get to know that they’re friendly with.


You can’t tag people in business images, however you can tag people you’re personally friends with on Facebook. Simply tag these people from a work photo and it will appear on their timeline and maybe their newsfeed, expanding the reach of the image and potentially increases engagement. Don’t tag hundreds of people though; be responsible about it and not a jerk.


If you work for a business it’s often just normal to post about your passion online. A lot of business owners don’t share like this for fear they look pushy. However, being natural about this and showing your passion in a truly sincere way will come across as just that on Facebook. It’s a great way to show people your love for your work, how great the business is and push your post out in front of a wider audience.

Personal lives and business lives are increasingly blurred because of social media and being sensible and utilising this for your company’s benefit can help you reap rewards.

Do you use your personal Facebook for business as well as keep in touch with your mates? Let me know via the comments.