Conversion rate is the key factor that holds utmost importance for all website owners. Without a good conversion rate, your site has little benefit to your organisation. Conversions can be anything from signing up to a newsletter, signing up for a website or making an end purchase. On average, a website should be looking for a conversion rate percentage of around 3-5%. So how do we maximise our conversion rates?

Many techniques such as improving social media presence, the front end layout of the pages, loading time and optimising the on page user experience are all credible methods of increasing conversion rates. However, did you also know that images play a significant role in increasing the amount of conversions your site receives?

How-to-Increase-Conversion-Rate-Through-the-Use-of-Images-1 How to Increase Conversion Rate Through the Use of Images

Below I am going to list 3 great ways that you can use images to increase the likelihood of users making that conversion:

1: Show Your Validation and Increase Trust

Thinking of more traditional media such as television broadcasting, what do you see the majority of the time? The product. In the vast majority of television advertisements, people are shown to be using the advertised product and displaying the benefits to the audience. This is partly what creates the need in the consumers mind and serves as a valid call to action. But why does featuring a product work so well?

Much like social proof, consumers have a need for a third party opinion. It’s not enough to just know about a product, they need to be able to see it in action. This builds their trust, thus making them feel much more comfortable in buying the product. The fact that the amount of ‘post purchase dissonance’, (in which the consumer has to convince themselves they made the right purchase after the purchase action), is so high, means that it will most definitely benefit a company if they can show to the consumer exactly what the product is, furthermore decreasing any doubt in the consumers mind before or after purchasing.

If your website includes pictures of satisfied customers using your products, your conversion is much more likely to shoot up. A great example of this can be seen with digital publishing on Kindle. They still delve into creating realistic mock up books for their e-books, even though the end product is nothing like this and is essentially a small file. However, this makes the product seem a lot more legitimate to the consumer, thus increasing conversions.

2: Use a Mascot

Have you ever come across a website in which you notice a familiar little image in the corner, but can’t remember where you have seen that before? These are most likely site mascots. Moz is a great example of a site that uses a mascot and you can see the little guy below:

moz-1 How to Increase Conversion Rate Through the Use of Images

Effective branding is one of the strongest ways to increase your conversions as well as helping to retain and reach customers. The reasoning for this is that the majority of the time customers don’t buy into a product; they buy into a brand. Let me give you an example: if I gave you £2 and said go into that shop and buy me some tomato sauce, how many of you would come back with Heinz? I’m guessing most of you. This is because throughout our lives we create strong relationships with well-established and trusted brands.

The key here is that if you are wanting to increase conversion rates, mascots are a great way of establishing your brand within the mind of the user. Brands help give the consumer a sense of trust, and your brand can create the perception that you are a well-established organisation. Not only this, but if a customer can see your mascot and relate back to a previous blog post they read or video they had seen that featured the same logo, it instantly reinforces of the brand in the consumer’s mind, due to the user already having past experiences with the organisation.

3: Use Photos to Appeal to the Emotional Side of the Consumer

Emotional appeal, in my opinion, is by far one of the best ways to connect with a consumer, increasing the likelihood of brand loyalty and even brand love. When I mention emotion, this doesn’t always mean make them feel sad; I am referring to emotions in general depending on the desired effect. For instance, if your brand has an exciting feel to it, such as Red Bull, then involve images that will elicit that same kind of emotion from the consumer. Below is a picture of Red Bull’s home page:

red-bull-1 How to Increase Conversion Rate Through the Use of Images

Already you can see an image featuring two surfers riding on what looks like a huge wave! Linking back to point two, this imagery reflects the concept of the brand, as well as appealing to the outgoing and excited side if the consumer’s emotions. This immediately puts them in the right mind set relative to the brand, further increasing the likelihood of a conversion.

To give you another example, below is the Unicef home page:

unicef How to Increase Conversion Rate Through the Use of Images

It is clear here that this site is making the most of the image’s appeal and attempting to reach the consumers’ emotional side by creating empathy through the visuals. This site is very clever in the way it is laid out. As you can see, the images not only provoke empathy within the user immediately, but the call to action/conversion button is cleverly situated next to an image and, in my opinion, has a very easy to use, simplistic format.

To conclude this section, appealing to the consumer’s emotional side through images is a great way to build a relationship and elicit emotions that may drive them to make a purchase or sign up as a member, thus increasing your conversion rate.


Now you know a few good ways of using images on your website, why not take a look at how to fully optimise them for better SEO.