So, you’ve spent thousands on SEO and social media, but it’s not a lot of good if you’ve got the clicks but don’t have the conversions.

Encouraging people to take action on-site is the first step to getting them on board and into that sales funnel, and if you don’t have the appropriate Call to Action (CTA), you’re going to struggle to make ends meet. So, here are a few CTAs that are perfect for collecting leads and making those conversions.

CTA-1 How to Increase On-Site Leads with Better Calls to Action

Contact Us at Their Finger Tips

Have you ever been on a website and spent minutes trying to figure out how to get in contact with the owner? It’s quite common and extremely debilitating to marketing efforts.

If you want leads, then make it easy to contact you: display phone numbers on the header, have a form for contact on each page and a ‘Contact Sales’ option too, allowing people to directly hit up your sales people. It seems logical but you’d be amazed at the number of sites that don’t offer even one of these options.

Give Them Something

Offering people industry relevant information in the form of studies, whitepapers or guides can be a great way to generate leads. You simply create content aligned with their interests and then in exchange for a download they simply have to offer you lead information.

Creating content can be a great way to generate leads, however you need to decide where you draw the line on free high quality content. You can ask for a lead generation form to be completed for access to a whole library of goodies, for specific studies or alternatively have none at all. It’s down to you and what you think works best for your business.

Live Chat and Virtual Services

Live chat services are a lot less obtrusive than having to call a company, they are also a lot faster than traditional forms or ‘contact us’ services. The user just enters an email and can use the ‘chat to us’ service. This allows the lead to be captured and also offers the customer a high level of service as the question is answered instantaneously.

Alternatively, for smaller businesses that rely on phone calls to make conversions virtual based services in the form of virtual receptionists can work well. They ensure there’s always someone to answer a phone or take a query and make a call back.

Surveys or Assessments

Offering a free product or performing a survey or report can be a great way to get people into the sales tunnel. For example, offering people a free SEO evaluation of a website, or an assessment of their social media accounts can be a great way to get them to enter their details and take the first steps to generating a lead. It’s essentially an invite from them to make contact and allows them to judge how effective you are, as well as convincing them to take action.

The Competition

Last but not least, competitions. They are a great way to generate leads, and all you have to do is entice customers to share their email address with the promise of a chance to win a nice new item. Competitions also work well as they encourage people to share online – remember to use simple social sharing buttons to encourage this.

So, there are five great ways to encourage people to send you their information, thus allowing you to make more leads.