One thing often overlooked when it comes to driving traffic to your site is Google News. For every newsworthy article posted on your site, Google News could drive thousands of visitors.

Google News launched back in January 2006 and aggregated content from more than 25,000 places. The service uses Google’s algorithm to find and promote time-relevant news stories. Users can then login and customise the type of news they want to see using a range of different filters.

penguin-1 How to Increase Your Web Traffic Using Google News

Back in 2013, Google News was driving more than 1 billion readers a week to different sites publishing news stories. This is a huge market and every brand should try and crack into its potential.

The great thing about Google News is that the results box is usually at the top of any search results too, so your content has a better chance of dominating the search results for a particular topic.

Getting listed on Google News is not easy, but the rewards are substantial. Not only will the service drive traffic to your site, but it will also boost the domain authority of your page. Both these things should naturally increase the shares and backlinks to your article, in turn boosting your organic visibility.

So how can you get your articles listed on Google News? Here’s how:

Focus on Quality

Google News specifically states in its guidelines that their aim is “to organise all the world’s news and make it accessible to its users, while providing the best possible experience for those seeking useful and timely news information.” For them to be able to do this, they have very strict quality controls.

Google will not include how-to guides, job postings, advice blogs or informational content such as the weather forecasts in their News section. They will only accept completely original news stories, so make sure you write about something you know a lot about that is also relevant to your industry.

You also need to be able to show Google that you are a real business with a good reputation, so make sure your site has obvious contact details with a clear office address and information about your team. The more details you can provide, the more likely Google will be to list your article.

Write Skillfully

You may think that news articles are pretty easy to write, but they can actually be one of the hardest types of content to get right. You need to make sure you structure your news articles using an inverted pyramid. This means the most important part of your article is at the top, and the least important is at the bottom. This makes the article easy to read and allows viewers to skim through and get a general gist of what the story is about.

Think about your content and what is most likely to interest your readers – the best thing to do is to pull a statistic or fact from your article and use it to grab your readers’ attention. in an eye catching headline

Your headlines are incredibly important, as these are the first thing that will be read and they also affect the searchability of your articles. Use relevant words in the headline, make sure it’s not too long and of course make it as snappy as possible. It’s also good to include a reputable source or reference if you have one. Something like this:

“73% of Penguins Eat Chocolate for Breakfast According to David Attenborough”

Technical Optimisation

In order for Google to be able to crawl your site and understand which pages are newsworthy and relevant for listings, your website needs to have a certain amount of technical requirements. If Google is unable to find your stories, then they won’t be featured on its News service.

Make sure all your news articles have unique URLs containing at least 3 numbers, so Google can tell when a new article is published. All links within the article need to use HTML and must have more than one word as their anchor text.

The articles need to be formatted in HTML, as Google is unable to crawl JavaScript, image links or those found in frames. It is thought that articles created using popular content management system like WordPress can be crawled by Google without any changes needing to be made.

Develop Authority

Domain authority, social authority and media authority are all important and considered by Google when it crawls content. Make sure you try and build your domain authority through organic backlinks and social shares, as this will make it more likely to rank well in the search results.

Having a good social following is important, as you want fans to discuss your content online and share it with their friends. Make sure you have obvious social media buttons on every article and make it as easy as possible for readers to RT using a short title and your Twitter handle.

It is great to see if you can encourage citations for your site, but it’s not that easy. The majority of journalists have a pool of trusted of resources and publications that they use when looking for news, but if you’re articles become popular enough they may start turning to your site.

Use sites like helpareporter to connect with experts and journalists, as this could help lead to citations for your site.