Have you heard the news?

Trump lost!

bigstock-Business-Man-In-Blue-Grey-Suit-76633286 Influencers, Quick Replies and Medium: Your Digital Marketing Weekly Roundup

I know, I couldn’t believe it either. There were moments when it could have gone either way in a hard-fought battle between two players at the very top of their game. But, alas, after digging deep to bring the score level to two frames a piece, John Higgins eventually mopped up in style, defeating Judd Trump 6-4 last night at the Defabet Champion of Champions snooker tournament at the Rioch Arena in Coventry, UK.

We mustn’t lose focus, however. As hard-hitting as this news may be, we must be thankful that we’ve got updates from Twitter, Facebook and Medium to distract us. Let’s take a look at them…

New Resources for Business Influencers on Facebook

One of the most powerful ways to use social media marketing is to position yourself – and your brand – as an industry authority. Thought leadership articles for many form the very backbone of their content marketing efforts – and so they should.

B2B firms in particular always need to be thinking about their perceived authority within their respective industries – contracts are invariably signed on the back of confidence, after all.

As such, Facebook for Business Influencers has always been a strong tool for such communications – and it’s just been given some shiny new updates. Chief among them is the downloadable Business Influencers Guide.

From the Facebook Media blog:

Hundreds of global business leaders across industries, regions, and enterprise sizes use Facebook to connect authentically with their customers, employees, communities, and other stakeholders. Using Facebook, these leaders can communicate directly, control their messages, use precision targeting, and access a flexible set of publishing tools including text, photos, videos, live video and more.”

14791120_1763480763907503_967870867268698112_n Influencers, Quick Replies and Medium: Your Digital Marketing Weekly Roundup

(Image source: facebook.com)

Facebook, perhaps, is not the most readily-associated network for B2B purposes – that’s LinkedIn, right? Well, yes – but the guide has pulled a quote from The Wall Street Journal, which in fact makes a very good point:

“CEOs who don’t use Facebook are like CEOs who don’t watch TV: They’ve fallen into CEO World, that parallel dimension where leaders are disconnected from the way most people live, shop and connect. CEOs who aren’t on Facebook are out of touch with a significant part of their customers’ and employees’ lives. And a passive presence isn’t good enough. CEOs won’t get the most out of Facebook if they only lurk, posting rarely, or let their social-media team do all the work of maintaining their presence.”

So, if there are any members of the executive suite out there reading this, then I highly recommend taking 20 minutes or so to get familiar with the new guide. It is in fact comprehensive, covering everything from Ads to Mentions to Video to Facebook 360. Indeed, whether you fly business class or not, there’s something in here that all marketers can take away with them. A very useful little package indeed.

Twitter Updates Direct Messages

Two new updates from Twitter this week, both affecting the Direct Message function.

The first is Welcome Messages, that the Twitter blog describes thusly:

“Welcome messages let businesses greet people and set expectations as they enter a Direct Message conversation—without requiring people to send the first message. Businesses can create multiple welcome messages and deep link directly to a specific greeting from Tweets, websites, or apps. Welcome messages help businesses demonstrate their commitment to service and help people learn what options exist to engage with a business in Direct Messages.”

This alone is actually a nice little update. Now, when your customers turn to Twitter’s Direct Messages to make contact with you, rather than being met with a blank feed, the first thing they see is your polite and encouraging welcome message. Very nice.

But, combined with the second update – Quick Replies – conversations with customers will now be even more productive.

“Quick replies let businesses prompt people with the best ways to reply to a Direct Message, whether by choosing from a list of options or guiding users to enter specific text values.”

Here’s the video tweet that explains how it all works most succinctly.

New Tools on Medium

Do you use Medium? You really should as part of your blog promotion efforts if nothing else (check out our recent post ‘Republishing Blog Content for LinkedIn Pulse and Medium: What You Need to Know’).

But, if you haven’t jumped aboard yet, then perhaps the new updates will convince you, for Medium has introduced three new features to help users “tell beautiful stories”.  

First of these are image grids for iOS and Android. A very simple little update indeed, but most welcome to the visual marketing world in which we now find ourselves – as the pic below doubly illustrates:

medium-grids Influencers, Quick Replies and Medium: Your Digital Marketing Weekly Roundup

(Image source: blog.medium.com)

The second update to note is for all you coders out there. I’m not a coder, as it happens, so I’m trusting that the below paragraph from the Medium blog will make more sense to you than it does me:

“Inline code formatting was consistently top on our “most requested feature” list, particularly for engineers, developers, and technical writers. Previously, you could only include code blocks as a separate block of text; now, you will be able to include blocks of code directly within your sentences by putting text between a backtick that looks like this: `. We’ve also made the shortcut for standalone code blocks more intuitive, using three backticks at the beginning of a line.”

Sound good? I have no idea…

The third update is a bit more at my level – we now have the ability to drag and drop any images that we use in Medium to different positions around the blog post, essentially making the editing of our published pieces simpler. Thank goodness.

That’s it! With Trump out of the picture, Higgins went on to knock out Ding Junhui in the semi-finals and become the 2016 Champion of Champions by beating Ronnie O’Sulivan in the final.

Snooker aside, if you feel enthused by the latest round-up news and could do with help in making the most from your social media channels, why not get in touch with us at MSA to discuss.