drop-in-seo-rankings The Long-term Pain of the Interflora SEO PenaltyBuilding links is still the most popular and powerful way to help your site get up the Google Rankings for those keywords. However, things are getting harder and Google’s getting wiser to the dubious ways of some SEO agencies.

Interflora SEO Penalty

You may have heard last week about Google’s swipe at Europe’s largest flower seller, Interflora. The site was wiped out of Google’s SERPs for buying advertorial space and backlinks on newspapers throughout the UK, a direct breach of Google’s T&Cs.

drop-in-seo-rankings-1 The Long-term Pain of the Interflora SEO Penalty

The move saw Google nail Interflora and it lost rankings for most of its keywords and it’s own brand name itself. Even though PPC results still allow Interflora presence, it’s a far from ideal situation, and all for flouting with Google’s dos and don’ts.

drop-in-seo-rankings-interflora The Long-term Pain of the Interflora SEO Penalty

Of course, you can easily say that Interflora and Interflora’s agency understood what they were doing to be unethical.  The fallout is not just the short term, when Interflora is back in SERPS again – which it will be considering its size and not to mention, an extremely large income stream for Google given its Adwords budget – there are still negatives that may linger on. Dubious SEO practices and seemingly approval to engage in such an obvious way to annoy Google from Interflora themselves, will surely come back to bite them in the long term.


Employers Google and search for foot tracks about epotential and the same is true for employees themselves. Candidates will always look for information of prospective employers. Low rankings and mention of an ill thought-out a similar Interflora SEO penalty do not place you on a pedestal of great merit and many will see this as something that feeds directly into the way you treat your employees.


In the short term any company with a public presence will see a drop in share price and investors selling up. This is not something that will help any business, as confidence tumbles so too does the cash flow.

In the longer term, investors may decide not to invest on the premise you have engaged in unethical practices and so see it as a black mark against you. It also doesn’t show your marketing competence to be wonderful either and this could be something to turn otherwise potential investors off.

Money – Interflora SEO Penalty

Of course, a disaster on the scale of the Interflora SEO penalty will cost a lot of money and countless hours to repair and even in the meantime having to ramp up PPC would be a nightmare and add to costs. Aside from this they will have to break a LOT of  bad links and try to be extra cautious to repair damage done. We’re sure Interflora will spend this week wondering why they did it or why they approved such an agency initiative to carry out a vital part of their Valentines Day marketing drive.

Involve Clients

Of course, involving clients and letting them see the tactics you are using and the methodologies that you are engaging with builds confidence. Most clients don’t have SEO knowledge and some may even see you as a bit of a snake oil salesman. Allay their fears by informing them and getting them involved.


Building strong open relationships with clients and the customer is something that can add to brand strength in the long term. These build trust and create a good impression that keeps all parties happy in the long run.

So, if you’re an SEO company be ethical and open and if you’re hiring a company for SEO, then look for an open company with a good reputation and great communication .

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