content-ideas 4 Low Budget Content Ideas for your BlogContent is king and Google is increasingly pushing that fact. Each algorithm update seems to emphasise the fact. Of course, the problem with this is that quality content takes time, effort and often money too. However, there are also a number of great ways to get others to create quality content that you can use on your site – saving you time, money and effort.

content-ideas-1 4 Low Budget Content Ideas for your Blog

Content Ideas – Guest Blogging

Instead of using a content writer to create all your content, you could certainly consider outsourcing to guest bloggers, for free. If you’ve a decent page rank and good domain authority then you could certainly harness some decent content via the guest posting means.

Of course, quality control can be a bit of an issue. This can be helped with clear guidelines on-site stating what you’re looking for. Asking for a submission of a topic for approval prior to the post being sent is a good way to ensure you cut the rest and get the best.


Survey Monkey and Facebook’s polls can be a great way for you to create quality content with very little effort. Of course, the larger the social media following the more numbers that will participate in your survey. Often, this leads to more interesting the results.

Create a number of surveys and then compile the data together in an infographic or even a simple visual chart and then post it. It’s a simple, fast and interesting way to create interesting content and often goes viral, meaning plenty of high authority backlinks.

content-ideas-surveys 4 Low Budget Content Ideas for your Blog

Content Ideas – Interviews

Do you know someone who is a well-known authority in their field? Interviewing an expert can be a great way to get people to read your article and also create quality content. Of course, you will need to do a little homework to avoid asking silly questions, but it can be a great way to garner some content and information for free. The fastest way to do it is to transcribe a phone conversation – eliminating the need for the interviewee to make too much effort and increasing the chance of them wanting to be interviewed.


A review of your product from a customer can be a great way to get positive content that people can relate to. Customers like to be heard and you can use either text, a video on YouTube or even social media to give them a voice. Display the content in text on site and you have created content for Google to index. Even little quote bubbles can be a nice addition.

Alternatively, sending out products for review can also be a good way to get some much needed content and also is great for publicity. There are numerous YouTube based review sites with huge followings that will give you exposure and some content and all you need is to let them trial your product.

So, why not cut down on content costs with some of these tips and get on Google’s good side or get in touch with My Social Agency’s content marketing team.