marketers-getting-social-wrong Marketers Getting Social all Wrong in 2012A new study from Pitney Bowes has found that many marketers and PR companies are getting it wrong when it comes to giving consumers what they want to see on social media, especially Twitter.

The research found that whilst 57% of marketing decision makers use Twitter, just 31% of consumers use it worldwide. The study also found that LinkedIn is another ‘over-used’ marketing platform with 50% of marketers prominent on the professional network, whilst only 19% of internet users being found using the network.

marketers-getting-social-wrong-1 Marketers Getting Social all Wrong in 2012

Of course, this would depend on the kind of business you’re in, presumably, as many B2B marketers find these channels the most effective.

However, YouTube accounts for 53% of internet users, which is used by only 41% of marketers, despite the continuing rise in web video production for business seen this year. According to the study, even Facebook isn’t used very well by many companies, despite having a 93% global penetration rate. 84% of online marketers are using the platform, however effective they find it.

Brands not quite getting it right

There seems to be some gap concerning what brands think their customers want to see on social networks and what they actually want to see in reality. 26% of consumers say that they use social media to follow brands, whilst it seems that some brands are kidding themselves as 75% believe that consumers are getting what they want from brands on social.

Of course, Facebook is the most used and trusted social media platform in use by marketers and (surprisingly) the most trusted advertising platform, with YouTube coming in second place and Twitter and G+ trailing.

Whilst this may be true of the B2C scene, it doesn’t particularly account for B2B performance across social, whilst is often used in a completely different way for social media marketing.

consumers-vs-marketers-infographic Marketers Getting Social all Wrong in 2012

Of course this isn’t to say that social media marketing doesn’t work, just that many marketers are using the wrong channels to reach their audience and not using them in the right manner.

Facebook has long been thought to be the most successful channel for consumer marketing and Pages post and over 42m Pages post around 86,000 posts per month. Whilst 25% of Facebook users check their accounts 5 times or more a day and more than a million websites have Facebook buttons integrated into their websites.

However, it’s not all bad news, according to Business2Community 77% of B2C and 43% of B2B marketers have seen some success in acquiring new customers through Facebook and 34% through Twitter.

Pinterest too has seen some interesting results this year, with its huge growth, and Pins that have prices attached to them get 36% more likes than those without. Interestingly 69% of online consumers have seen something they want to buy on the site, somewhat highlighting the power of visual.

It’s thought that 2013 will see even more interaction with social, but it pays to examine your audience carefully before starting a campaign as many are still getting wrong. The rise of video infographics in the coming year should also see some interesting changes in the use of visual social.

emarketer-survey Marketers Getting Social all Wrong in 2012