2011  has been a great year for app development. Progression in the tablet and software areas have meant the app arena saw some significant changes in the last 12 months.

msa_mobile_apps_this_year The Year in Social - Mobile Apps

 The Year in Social - Mobile Apps

In the Android area, the coming of Android tablets and Honeycomb 3.0 on a number of devices as well as dual core chips in both phones and tablets caused app changes in both power and capability. In Apples’ domain the iPad 2 replaced the original iPad 1 and we also saw a new iOS5 and the dual core iPhone 4S. So, what were the stand out mobile apps that made use of the aforementioned technologies?

Pulse News

For those with Android, Pulse offers a visually explosive way to catch up with social media news and affairs on and offline. It is simple, interactive and makes use of Android’s OS brilliantly. It allows for easy sharing and also allows you to read it later with Google Reader and view opinions via Instapaper.


Cloud computing came into its own in 2011, with the coming of the iCloud and other versions. Though, for sharing, music and media AirSync is great and allows Android owners to use their iTunes music, videos and media on their phones from their PCs through their wireless network at home. It’s used with the doubleTwist desktop app on Android.

Android Flexibility

Android’s flexibility and the ability to use apps to customise your phone has been really seized upon in 2011, with the likes of Beautiful Widgets. These apps allow users to thoroughly customise their front pages and really are part and parcel of Android’s rise to fame in 2011.


New layouts, changes in privacy features, the introduction of a Timeline – it has been a busy year for Facebook. All of these social media changes, alongside its continued prominence, fending off of Google+ and everything else mean it is one of the most notable apps of 2011.


We’ve done a lot of talk about Android so far; however iOS has had a couple of charmers this year. The Instagram service is the iPhone app of the year and is a creative and fun photography app. It’s extremely easy to use and allows you to snap, customise and share via social media without a second thought. It’s brilliantly intuitive and also an attractive application, showcasing one of Apples’ strengths over Android.


Windows Phone in its 7.5 Mango incarnation also has some very attractive apps and Lazytube is one of the finest. This YouTube app is one of the most attractive than anything YouTube has done with their apps. The Windows layout is very pretty and user friendly and make optimum use of space and really shows up Windows place in the market, if it can get a foot hold.

With such a wide selection of apps and the ever growing prominence of smart phones, expected quad core devices and new operating systems – 2012 is set to be an even better year.

Have we missed anything? What were your favourite mobile apps of 2011? Let us know via the comments 🙂

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