Christmas is the time of year for a bit of novelty and application developers know that and have created a number of fun apps for all platforms to get people in the holiday spirit. So, if you’re looking to brighten up your phone for the coming season, what are the best apps available?

best_christmas_smart_phone_apps Christmas Apps

Dr Seuss Camera – The Grinch Edition

This Christmas app is great for those getting in the spirit of the festive season. It allows you to customise one of twenty Grinchmas cards with your own photos. Allowing you to take photos of yourself, dressed up as the Grinch. These cards can then be emailed, sent through a number of other means, or just stored in your library. It’s a great fun app that both children and fans of Dr Seuss will love.

christmas-apps-1 Christmas Apps

Santa’s Christmas Village

This app has 13 games, which are obviously all in theme with the holiday season. If you like to get to grips with Christmas versions of solitaire, hangman, checkers and minesweeper then this is the app. There are also twenty holiday songs that come with the application and it is a great app for those looking for a Christmas mental workout.

BBC Good Food

For most involved in the culinary part of Christmas, the preparation of Christmas goods comes early. BBC’s Good Food Guide for Christmas includes all the holiday foods you can think of and step by step instructions on how to create the most sumptuous food for each dish. All the recipes are split into categories and are easy to identify. The app ingeniously also has a turkey timer and a calculator, meaning it’s not undercooked, or too dry. The app also gives some simple tips and allows even most of the practice chefs to master the kitchen for Christmas.

Gift Plan

When you think of all the time Alan Partridge spends in that dreadful petrol station looking for some last gasp presents, then you’ll appreciate the gift planner. This app takes the terror out of forgetting your Christmas presents and makes sure it’s all well planned for.

The app works for all other special occasions and all you have to do is enter who you wish to buy for and it includes all the important metrics such as a person’s hobbies from their social media and advises on presents. The Gift Plan is a great reminder and allows you to keep ahead of all the Christmas craziness.

Amazon Windowshop

This app for iPad has a completely customised interface and allows you to browse the items you wish for quickly and easily. It includes an array of product categories and all the best sellers and new releases and offers people who download it the ultimate way to find a present for Christmas.

With all these apps you can be organised, have some fun and ensure you’re not stuck with petrol station flowers for a loved one on Christmas Eve.

What is your favourite app for Christmas? Tell us in the comments below.