For those of us who just can’t stand Mark Zuckerberg and his blue liveried site, the news of his taking over of Instagram will come as a disappointment, if not worse. The sale of the popular sharing app to a company with all sorts of privacy and copyright issues may not fill you with delight if you are a photographer. Fortunately, there are a number of Instagram alternatives, many of which perform the same as Instagram, allowing you to photograph, filter and share your favourite photos. You also often get a lot more control over privacy settings with these apps and you can use them without an account linked to a major social media site.

instagram_alternatives Great Instagram Alternatives

 Great Instagram Alternatives

Pixlr – o – matic

This is the perfect app for those who love their filters and is available for both Android and it comes with a whole host of lighting, borders and filter effects, most of which are more detailed and can be more fine tuned than Instagram’s filters. It doesn’t link directly to a social network, but pictures can be shared.

Hipster – Instagram Alternatives

As the name suggests, this app is for the East London crowd and offers filters and social networks to share on. It interestingly uses images to create postcards out of your pics, using a holiday like border and text to do so.


This app is one of the great Instagram alternatives and includes a broader range of social networks and also filters than most others and allows you to choose camera apps, with their own individual features. Photos can be tweaked within an inch of their lives and directly uploaded to Lightbox’s cloud and can be viewed on your computer, allowing you to tweak further if you wish via your own computer software. It is also very privacy orientated and provides a lot of features in this area.

Retro Camera

This app offers five vintage camera lens and allows you the chance to take photos with them in the same way you would a real camera. This means you don’t apply filters and merely take an image with the virtual lens. It’s available for iPhone and Android and comes with faux Polaroid and a range of other lens. It offers a vast range of sharing options as well as creates small postcards, like the Hipster app. You can upload full pictures through its Gallery app and it’s a pretty good one of the top Instagram alternatives.


This is one of the Instagram alternatives coming with a large community as well as a lot of filters and was used by many before Instagram’s rise. It will be interesting to see does it do well. It has the usual filters as well as text overlays, red eye removal and allows you to use a number of other apps with it such as Aviary and DropBox.

Users will delight in the opportunities at hand and though Instagram is now part of Facebook – don’t worry there are many options out there.

[Update: PicPlz service has been discontinued permanently as of 3 July 2012]

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