For those of us who’ve received our new iPads, or those of us in waiting for our Zen like devices, there’s plenty of excitement in the air. The fledgling iPad is set to be the greatest yet, however, nurturing it and preparing it for the working world is something many of us will have to get around to in the coming weeks. So, what’s the best way to go to make your iPad business friendly?

new_ipad_business Making your New iPad Business Friendly

Cloud Time

We’ve all heard the wonders of the cloud and how it’s going to change business for a time. However, with the coming of the iCloud and for Android users Dropbox, the cloud is well and truly here.

 Making your New iPad Business Friendly

The large allowances on offer for data as well as the low cost of adding more memory capacity mean it is now a feasible option for large files and running a business on the move. Of course being able to sync in real time with computers  and other tablets, means  your work is never out of reach, no matter the time or the place. Storing your files from your iPad on the cloud also frees up memory for all the other joyous things Apple can provide.

Offline Work

Instapaper is essentially the world’s greatest bookmark allowing you to save things from your browser to read later offline, or online. You can book mark any form of file, from PDFs to long emails and so you can always get in touch with the files you need, where ever you are.

Office Suites

If you want to do work, analyse spread sheets, or wish to do any sort of productive labour then you need good office software. There are so many apps on the iPad that allow you to be productive wherever you are, completely under your terms. There’s a wide variation in the quality of the apps on offer, so analyse what you require before jumping in. Spreadsheet apps, reader apps and others come from a range of manufacturers, so make sure to get the one you need for your work on the go.

Your Business

There are numerous business apps that will be perfectly suitable for the specific industry you’re in. From apps for estate agents, to ones for invoices – they’re all available on the half million iTunes Store.  Get the most apt ones for your needs, even if they may cost you in terms of a little cash. Everyone is different, but as the rule goes – buy the best you can afford. But do remember that the best you can afford is not always the most expensive. There are numerous SEO apps out there and many low cost and free ones that are just as good as the expensive ones.

Follow this little bit of simple advice and you can turn your new iPad into not only a multimedia behemoth, but a working one too.

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