Global make-up brand Mary Kay has taken its first steps into the world of mobile apps, releasing an Android and iPhone app that allows both consumers and make-up consultants to get the most from Mary Kay products.

mary-kay Mary Kay gets Innovative with new Mobile App

Consumer and enterprise focused

The app serves a dual purpose, driving consumers to make online purchases of Mary Kay products and acting as a neat reference tool for Mary Kay’s face-to-face sellers and consultants.

 Mary Kay gets Innovative with new Mobile App

The app lets users upload a picture of their face, which they can then use to virtually tests out a variety of make-up products. Users can apply everything from eye make-up to lip colour and try a range of different colours and styles.

Once you’ve saved your makeover you can stick your face on a fake magazine cover, which is thenuploaded directly to social media networks such as Twitter and Facebook. The Mobile Virtual Makeover app also gives users pre-made  seasonal make-up sets and a whole range of tips and trick to enhance their look. If you decide you want to buy any of the make-up, you can then click on the products, which take you to the checkout page on the Mary Kay website.

Mobile visits driving strategy

Mary Kay’s marketing team said they started working on the app once they saw how many people were accessing their website and making purchases via mobile devices.

“With the rapid growth rate of smartphones and tablets around the world, we need to provide our beauty consultants and their consumers with mobile ways to engage with our brand and purchase our products,” said Patricia Wanderley, vice president of corporate digital marketing at Mary Kay, Dallas.

“Users accessing our through mobile devices is growing rapidly around the world,” she said. “These types of apps simplify and fit into our Independent beauty consultants and their customers’ lives.”

Missing a trick?

As Wanderley says, this app has a dual use, being used  by consumers but also by direct face-to-face sellers of Mary Kay products. But the fact that you can’t make purchases within the app itself – users get led onto the desktop site on their mobile device – is a big problem if you ask us, as there’s lots of research that suggest mobile users are less likely to buy goods online if it’s via an un-optimised website. Mary Kay could be missing out on a lot of potential sales.

But overall Mary Kay’s first push into mobile is very impressive and once again proves that virtually any business can get on board with mobile.

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