Drinks maker Red Bull has long been a pioneer when it comes to building its brand presence on mobile, with a number of Red Bull-branded apps and videogames filling-up the App Store. Now the company is innovating once again, by aiming to bolster its social media presence via mobile in-app ads.

The new ad campaign revolves around the ‘Band of the Day’ app available on Apple’s App Store. The ‘Band of the Day’ app features a new musical act each day, giving them exposure to thousands of users. The company behind the app is now looking to monetise via mobile ads, and Red Bull is the first brand to sign-up.

 Red Bull links Mobile Ads to Social Presence

“What we’re aiming to do is have an ad be so engaging to the user that it elevates the overall experience of the app,” creator of the app told Mobile Marketer. “First is the quality of the creative – the second part is to keep it contextually relevant.”

redbull_mobile Red Bull links Mobile Ads to Social Presence
The Red Bull Records ads appear via full-page interstitials in ‘Band of the Day’ and invite users to click in-order to get free music via the Red Bull Facebook page. After a user taps on the ad they are then asked to become fans of Red Bull by ‘Liking’ the Facebook page.

This is a great example of a brand using mobile to link-up different aspects of its branding, seamlessly turning a mobile campaign into a social media one. If you’re thinking about using mobile to advertise your business then Red Bull is a great brand to look at for ideas – the company has been a real trailblazer in this space.

Back in January 2010 Red Bull launched a promotional videogame app tied to its Formula One advertising – an early experiment with using mobile games as a branding exercise. Later in the year the company launched a ‘pack-to-call’ augmented reality app. Users entered a code into their phones from a pack of Red Bull, which then let them download a racing game where you build tracks out of cans of Red Bull (a great way of boosting sales!).

Red Bull has also experimented with QR codes. Back in 2011 the company ran a QR code campaign across New York City bus shelters to tie in with its Red Bull Creation event (users scanned the codes with their phones, which directed them to a video explaining the event). More recently, in June this year the drinks brand pushed more than 10 per cent of all registrants to the ‘Crashed Iced World Championship’ event via a mobile social campaign that allowed users to register via Red Bull’s in-app ads.

As Red Bull demonstrates, the mobile space is full of different and innovative ways to reach out to your audience. It may not be as straightforward as other platforms, but it carries vast amounts of potential if approached in the right manner.

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