While the BlackBerry brand remains synonymous with business users and business apps, Google’s Android operating system is becoming more and more prevalent in offices across the country, with some great available Android business apps.

This is chiefly because of the increasing trend toward ‘bring your own device’ policies implemented by businesses. Now that smartphones are finding their way into everyone’s pockets, it much more cost-effective to simply support employees who want to bring their own handsets, rather than shell out for expensive contracts with RIM. Because Android has been the prime catalyst for the growth of smartphones, it’s therefore not surprising that most of these new devices popping-up in offices are Android-based.

 Top 5 Android Business Apps

So with that in mind, what are the 5 best productivity-boosting Android business apps on Google Play? Of course, there’s always going to be room for argument on such lists, but here’s my opinion for what’s it’s worth.

top_5_android_aps Top 5 Android Business Apps

CamCard – Android Business Apps

If your job entails visiting lots of business conferences and you find your pockets brimming with business cards, then a card scanner application can be a big time-saver. CamCard is one of the slickest card-scanning apps on the Android store. The concept is pretty easy to grasp. Just take a pic of a business card and the app will scan the text, read it, and store the information as a contact in your address book. CamCard doesn’t always scan business details 100% accurately, but it hits the mark enough times to make it worth your while.

Juice Defender – Android Business Apps

Let’s face, your productivity on a mobile device is going to be dictated to a large extent by how long you can actually use it. It’s no secret that smartphones – and Android smartphones in particular – do not have a great battery life. Juice Defender is rammed full of tweaks and features that allows you to push every second out of a solitary charge. The app lets you efficiently control WiFi, CPU and data speeds, as well as control apps running in the background and manage battery life-boosting profiles.

Mindjet – Android Business Apps

Good ideas can come at the most inopportune times, so mobile app that can help you capture your thoughts on the go is a great asset. Mindjet lets you brainstorm on your touch screen and then convert your ideas onto lovely flow charts. You can edit and access these charts on your desktop. The app lets you use icons, notes, file attachments and diagrams to organise your thoughts and even allows you sync your files via DropBox. Mindjet is slightly better suited to larger tablet displays, than smaller smartphones, but it’s a great app nonetheless.

Call Reminder – Android Business Apps

If you’re in sales or client management, or you just have to make a lot of phone calls during your working day, then you probably know that feeling after you hang-up the phone and then realise you forgot to ask about ‘XY or Z’. Well Call Reminder wants to eliminate this problem for good. The app allows you to assign notes and reminders to your contacts. If one of your contacts then calls, emails or texts, or if you contact them, then your reminder will appear on the smartphone’s display.

Bloomberg for Smartphones – Android Business Apps

Given the volatility of today’s financial markets it pays to stay on-top of the latest news and stock movements coming out of the financial centres around the world. Bloomberg is of course an established name within the realm of business news, and its app is probably the best mobile tool available for getting a combination of news, market data and portfolio tracking info. All the data is displayed with slick graphics and charts and the interface is quick and intuitive. Best of all, Bloomberg’s app is a completely free Android business apps

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