app-development Must-have features for a Business AppWhat should businesses have included in their app?

Apps are the new black, the now old adage ‘there’s an app for everything’ certainly seems to be true if you glance over all of the major app stores. This means that many businesses are now getting an app developed to give their company another dimension.

app-development-1 Must-have features for a Business App

However, apps vary in functionality and quality and bearing this in mind, it’s as well to plan thoroughly when thinking about having an app developed. Obviously this is something that an agency can help you with, but it’s worth bearing in mind a few important factors which could be the difference between the success and failure of your app.

Top tips for app development

Every business is different so there are no generic rules for app development. It should reflect your brand strongly, of course, and it’s important in this regard that an app’s colours and personality match those of the other marketing channels used, such as social media and websites.

Besides this, there are a couple of things that every company should bear in mind.

Aim for simplicity – whilst it might seem like a great idea to have an all-singing, all-dancing app, too many features can be off-putting and gives a lot of scope for things to go wrong. Aim for the app to be as simplistic as possible with regards to usability and style.

Keep the platform firmly in mind – when considering design, bear in mind that it’s a mobile platform, so for a start, space is limited, and for a second you want your customers to have a quick and easy way to contact you. Include a call button or similar call to action so that customers can quickly make a decision.

Use social – Facebook connect and logins/sign-ups from other social media sites are a great idea. Ensure that you have a facility to back up, so let them know which social network they used to sign-up. This is more likely to keep them signed into the app and using it more and does away with the need for fiddly forms.

Make it unique – content in the app should not match that of your website, mobile or otherwise. In order to give customers a reason to continue using the app, the information or offers they can gain should be given through the app only.

Include analytics – this doesn’t have to be location-based information, as many people don’t appreciate sharing this information. However, there’s nothing stopping you from tracking user experience to help you decide which updates to implement.

Include a feedback system so that you can gather information for improving the app in the future. This should be easy and simple for the customer to carry out to report bugs and make suggestions at the click of a button.

Speed is everything – nobody likes an app which takes forever to load each screen, so make sure that yours is responsive and quick.

Whilst developing an app, it’s paramount to have the customer firmly in mind. Yes, it might be an exciting time and ideas are bound to be flying around the meeting table at a rate of knots. However, the main key to a successful app is to make it user-friendly above all else.

That’s not to say it’s the only consideration, as the above demonstrates, and one of your main aims should be to ensure that the app gives value to the customer in some way too.

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