MySocialAgency recently teamed up with the guys over at, who wanted us to provide them with something a little different to your bog-standard infographic, so it was time for us to get creative.

The result was a fantastic, interactive infographic, designed for Cohorted buyers and sellers who want to know more about how the new shopping service works. Using sharp development techniques, we created an informational and fun graphic that allows the user to interact by choosing options.

image-template-1 MySocialAgency Create Awesome Social Shopping Interactive Infographic

Click here to view the interactive graphic!

Once the user has chosen if they are a seller, or a consumer, the graphic takes them to the next section which is different depending on what they have chosen. Then, sliding graphics create sections filled with bite-sized text and images explaining what the company does.

At MySocialAgency, we really do love creating new stuff and we were delighted to work with Cohorted to come up with that something special to make sure that they stand out from the crowd, as we do for all of our clients.

Hang on, what is Cohorted?

If you’ve not heard of Cohorted before now, then you might be missing out on a bargain. It’s a new concept in shopping with social at the heart of it. Just join up to the Cohorted website, join Cohorts by getting together with others that are looking to buy the same products and save!

By grouping with a Cohort, you essentially have increased buying power which in turns lowers the price you pay. All of this is done in real-time, so no waiting, and the more people that join, the less you pay, it really is that simple.

Tell your friends

Spread the word, invite your friends and tell as many as you can about your Cohort in order to make the most savings. The more people you tell, the more that will join and the more you will all save. Make Cohorted an even more social experience by using your social channels such as Twitter, Facebook and even Instagram and YouTube to spread the love.

What’s more, in the unlikely event that your purchase doesn’t work out, the Cohorted team are there for you to put things right, so you can shop with 100% confidence that you’ll love the products you buy.

Don’t be late

Check out MySocialAgency’s awesome interactive infographic for your chance to get your mitts on an early invitation to Cohorted, whether you’re a buyer or a seller. Just sign up for the newsletter at the bottom of the graphics, enter whether you want to buy or sell and sit back and wait for the news of great products to start rolling in.

Sellers can sign up for the opportunity to become a Cohorted merchant and start building a customer base that you can manage from one place and offer your customers the very best deals out there.

We’re enjoying being a part of the Cohorted launch and we’re sure you will be too, so get social and spread the word.

Click here to view the graphic.