facebook-marketing New Facebook Guidelines for Competitions and How to Make the Most of ThemAll change again on the Facebook front and it seems that the world’s favourite social media site has updated its guidelines once more. Fortunately, it seems that the changes are welcomed and it’s clear that they offer plenty of positives for small businesses.

The Big Changes

There are two notable changes that small and large businesses alike will be happy with.

 New Facebook Guidelines for Competitions and How to Make the Most of Them

1.   Facebook has removed the requirement for people to manage a promo through an app
2.   Competitions can now be held and managed on the timeline. Entrants can do so by commenting on posts, liking posts and simply posting. Likes can be used as a manner of voting, as also can messaging.

Do note that personal profiles cannot be used for competitions. Facebook has cited quality connections as the reason for this. The site claims they want people to keep personal sites clear to ensure people only post authentic content on their timelines to stay in touch with the people they care about.

Other No No’s

There are of course still a number of things that are frowned upon by Facebook and will cause problems for your pages:

•    Tagging people to encourage them to enter in content they aren’t referenced in is still prohibited. So, for instance, don’t ask people to tag themselves in an image or post they’re not referenced or can be seen in – to get them to enter a competition for example.

Benefits of Apps

Different companies and businesses will benefit more from one or the other when holding a competition. For some businesses it still makes a lot of sense to use an app for promotions rather than a page.

Apps can create a more visually identifiable alternative than a page for a promotion and also allow for easier more cutting edge development. It’s also a lot easier to calculate participation when using an app and track those participating.

If you do decide to go the app route, then ensure it is mobile ready and that any information you collect from the app is data complaint with data protection in your area.

Benefits of Pages and Posts

The great thing about pages and posts is the ease of creation. It’s fast, it’s easy and it’s in front of consumers and followers within minutes.

A few things to remember if promoting via posts and pages:

•    The 20% text rule on images applies for ads and sponsored stories as it does elsewhere in accordance with Facebook guidelines.
•    It’s often best posting T&Cs to ensure there are no issues with the competition, privacy or data protection. This can prevent issues, angry posts on your page and other negatives.

So, you want to know how to make the most of the updated terms – well, here are some ideas for you to mull over.

Competition Ideas within New Guidelines

Photos or Video

The simplest way to make the most of the new changes is to collect images or video and then ask users to vote via ‘Likes’ for the one they prefer the most.


The changes now mean that caption and quiz contests are now within guidelines. You can then decide on the best caption or answer. If you want to be completely subjective, take ten of the best and then get users to vote for their favourite.

Photo Contest

For an even more interactive contest, why not use Facebook photo contests. These involve you asking your audience to partake by taking an image and then posting it on your timeline or a photo comment. Once more you can use ‘Likes’ to decide who wins.


It’s now perfectly within guidelines to create contests that rewards your team in terms of participation. So, you could offer a special offer to your whole audience for hitting a specific number of comments or ‘Likes’ on a specific post. Just make certain you can collect all the participation data afterwards and have the means to provide the prize per your guidelines.

facebook-competitions New Facebook Guidelines for Competitions and How to Make the Most of Them

Promotions can be a great way to build your social media interaction and create short term engagement. Utilise it within guidelines and towards those who will have a long term interest in your product and you’ll see meaningful success.

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