Got the deccies up yet? Smooched anyone under the mistletoe? Been an embarrassment at the office party?

No? Still too early for all that?

dmr_091216 New Looks and Mobile Moments: Your Digital Marketing Weekly Roundup

Well – even if you’ve already crossed some of the Xmas 2016 milestones, there’s still work to be done. Updates from Pinterest and Twitter this week. Let’s take a look….

New-look Business Profiles on Pinterest

There’s still plenty of Christmas shopping to be done before the big day, and if you’re operating in the B2C realm, Pinterest will undoubtedly be one of your most lucrative channels for social selling.

And so it should come as most welcome news to learn (in fact, you may have already noticed) that Pinterest has rolled out several updates for business profiles, enabling us all to give a brand new look to our pages and hopefully drum up some last minute sales before the big day.

Chief among the updates is the brand new rotating showcase, that “sits right at the top of your profile, so it’s the first thing people see.”

I have to say – what a feature!

Pinterest, it has to be said, has moved well away from its beginnings as a social network for sharing great content. Now, it is a selling site in no uncertain terms. True, all marketers – including B2B marketers – can and should still use Pinterest as an inbound marketing channel. But, if you’ve got products to sell, then Pinterest wants you to use its platform to sell them.

Marketers can hand-pick items to be displayed on the new rotating showcase – and my obvious suggestion for this time of year is of course to use it to start plugging your Christmas promotions.

Here’s the suggestion from the horse’s mouth:

“When you’re on the web, you can choose up to five of your boards to feature. If you have any Buyable Pins to share, you also have the option to highlight them in the first ‘Shop’ slot. Update your showcase as often as you want to highlight what’s new this season, what’s on sale or whatever else makes sense for your business.”

It seems that you have to be on a desktop to set up your new profile and showcase, but the Pinterest blog assures that “The boards you showcase, the cover images you choose for each board – they look the same no matter where people choose to view your profile”, meaning that the designs remain consistent when users view them from Pinterest mobile apps as well.

Other Improvements

A few other chops and changes have been made:

“Along with the bright new design, we’ve also made some updates to where things live. Now when people visit your profile, they see a tab for your boards and a tab for your Pins—the things they’re most interested in. So if someone wants the total number of ideas you’ve saved, they just switch over to your Pins tab. Meanwhile the Pins you’ve Liked, which other people don’t really care about, are only visible to you.”

Makes sense from a selling perspective – which is why I say that Pinterest really should no longer be viewed primarily as an inbound marketing channel, but as another ecommerce store, with the added benefits that a social network brings (i.e. a massive pre-existing user-base of consumers who have the ability to share content with each other).

Not bad, Pinterest. Not bad at all. Merry Christmas to you, indeed!

Conversation Ranking and Direct Reply Count Added to Twitter

Follower and customer engagement is what social media marketing is all about. And that means participating in conversations across your networks.

Twitter is a most valuable channel in this regard. When we tweet a link to an article, we’re of course looking for people to start talking about it. Encouraging these conversations leads to heightened exposure, as more and more users join in. Over time, the aim is to create an excited and engaged community, all ready and willing to contribute to some sophisticated discussion and lively debate around your chosen subject.

And so it is with pleasure that I bring to you the news that Twitter has announced two new updates to the platform – Conversation Ranking, and Direct Reply Count.

Conversation Ranking simply means that replies to tweets will no longer be organised in chronological order, but rather grouped by different sets of criteria.

From the Twitter Help Centre:

“You may notice that some replies in a conversation are not shown in chronological order. Replies are grouped by sub-conversations because we strive to show you the best content first, and what we think you’d be most interested in. For example, when ranking a reply higher, we consider factors such as if the original Tweet author has replied, or if a reply is from someone you follow.”

Direct Reply Counts are another simple little update that displays the number of people who are participating in the conversation, in much the same way that favourites and retweets are counted beneath each tweet you post.

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This is helpful for your followers, for they get to quickly see where the good conversational action is.

As marketers, therefore, the Direct Reply Count is yet another number that we need to focus on, joining retweets and favourites to make some sort of holy trinity of what indicates a successful tweet. It really must be Christmas.

That’s it! Just two more Roundups coming your way before the jolly old fat man starts breaking into all our homes. I wonder what will be in his sack for us…