social-media-target-audience Pack a Social Media Punch with Target Audience FocusAny marketing strategy works best with a target audience. That’s particularly true for social media marketing – because there are so many platforms and ways to engage, social media can become a business time drain without a focused strategy aimed at a particular audience. Here’s how to segment and engage with your perfect target audience to create a strategy that’s focused and powerful.

1. Identify Direct Buyers and Strategic Stakeholders

Direct buyers:

 Pack a Social Media Punch with Target Audience Focus

These are the people who have bought something from you in the past. For real social media marketing clout, find out:

Where they are located
Where they spend their time online (which social media platforms they use)
What they buy
Where they go

Once upon a time, businesses had to use surveys to gather this potent information. Nowadays, social media for business benefits from  analytics apps like PeekAnalytics and Alterian. These give us a view of aggregated information that lets us identify and understand a target audience. There are hundreds of these apps out there on the web.

Strategic stakeholders:

These are the businesses, organisations, and individuals who will help you gain publicity and trade. Within bigger organisations, identify the key decision makers – do they have individual social media accounts? Think:

•    Relevant magazines, newspapers and blogs
•    Events related to your business
•    Radio and TV
•    National and local policy-makers and politicans in your trade area
•    Trade organisations and unions

In a way, it’s easier to identify strategic stakeholders than to segment a direct buyer audience – it’s usually more obvious and won’t require analytics.  BUT do use search functions in social media to find out who is talking about you. Work with stakeholders and customers who are already your fans and supporters for easy and powerful publicity.

target-audience Pack a Social Media Punch with Target Audience Focus

2. Now for mission engage

It won’t be news to you that there are a gazillion ways to engage on social media, so I’m going to boil it down to this: Identify the Content that Resonates Deeply with Your Target Audience. I know it’s still pretty broad, so here are some practical ways to make that happen:

•    Use analytics and search to find questions that people in your target market have asked. Answer these questions.

•    Use search to find customer success stories. Feature these.

•    For your stakeholder channels, keep users up to date on interesting snippets of industry news.

•    Crowd-source your topics. Ask questions across channels, find out what your audience wants, and provide it.

Need help with segmenting and engaging with your target audience? Get in touch to find out more.