It’s too cold. And the worse thing is that it’s only going to get colder before it starts getting warmer again.

So it’s just as well that the digital marketing scene is hotting-up! This week, LinkedIn has introduced B2B product and service reviews to its newsfeed, Periscope adds account links to Twitter profiles, and Shopify’s Direct Sales feature has been integrated with Facebook Messenger.

mobile-phone-426559_640 Product Reviews, Periscope Links and Shopify: Your Digital Marketing Weekly Roundup

Ladies and gentleman, your Digital Marketing Weekly Roundup is here…

Shopify Integrates Direct Sales with Facebook Messenger

It was only a few weeks ago that we were reporting on the news that Facebook Messenger had been transformed once and for all from a simple IM to a marketing channel. Since then, businesses have been able to include news feed ads in direct messages with customers, and allow customers to make payments right there within the app.

Now, ecommerce giant Shopify has joined the action, integrating its Direct Sales feature with Facebook Messenger, which allows customers to browse and buy products right within the app, while still chatting with brands in real-time.

Here’s the video:

From the Shopify blog:

“Starting today, your customers will be able to browse and buy products in Messenger—all while chatting with you in real-time. To shop in Messenger, your customers will simply start a conversation with you, and then tap Shop Now to view your product catalog. When they discover something they love, they can buy it with just a few taps using Shopify’s checkout.”

This is a great feature if you ask me. Direct conversations are perhaps the most engaging means a customer has for communicating with a brand beyond all else.

As part of the sales and/or marketing team, if you’ve got a customer at the other end of the line, you’re in a prime position to convert – especially since it’s the customer him/herself who will have initiated the conversation.

Indeed, turning Facebook Messenger conversations into sales has never been easier – so if you’ve built your ecommerce store with Shopify, this is some of the best news you’re likely to get this year. And it’s available now as a free integration for Shopify merchants in the UK, US, Canada and Australia. Bullseye!

B2B service and Product Reviews Brought to LinkedIn News Feeds

We all know that we now exist and market within the world of the empowered consumer. Customers no longer hang around waiting to be pitched to by sales reps and brands. These days, if they want to find out about a product or service, they head online and do the research for themselves – and if they want to get an accurate and impartial review of a potential purchase, then it’s towards social media they go in search of unbiased opinion.

While this scenario has long been familiar in the B2C realm, increasingly B2B buyers are relying on online resources to do their research as well.

This week, LinkedIn has introduced B2B product and service reviews into news feeds, making the research process even easier for buyers – though the pressure is simultaneously turned up for suppliers.

The network has announced three new partnerships with online review sites TrustRadius, IT Central Station and G2 Crowd.

From the LinkedIn Marketing Solutions Blog:

“Starting today, reviews on all three of these online partner review sites may be shared and brought to life by members while providing product insight on the LinkedIn platform. This new functionality allows reviewers to showcase their unique skillsets, knowledge and expertise with B2B products and services and, likewise, enable brands to promote their customers’ ratings and reviews by spurring meaningful conversations with their LinkedIn followers.”

This is all good stuff from buyers’ and decision-makers’ perspectives for sure. For marketers in the B2B realm, it’s now imperative that new efforts are made in the realms of review marketing. And indeed, this is in fact a great opportunity. The empowered consumer trusts independent reviews much more than he/she does any message that comes straight from brands themselves. There’s some great opportunity here, and it will be interesting to see how B2B brands start exploiting it.

Periscope Account Links Added to Twitter Profiles

linkedin-periscope Product Reviews, Periscope Links and Shopify: Your Digital Marketing Weekly Roundup

Here we go – you thought you’d gotten away with it, but here is this week’s plug to get you involved with video marketing.

Twitter-owned live streaming video app Periscope now allows users to link their accounts to their profiles on Twitter.

This makes it even easier for your Twitter followers to catch your live broadcasts – so start making them!

It’s actually a really nifty little feature, and very simple to set up – just go to your Twitter account settings and select

Edit Profile > Show my Periscope Profile. Job done.

With the feature enabled, you will see the Periscope link beneath your profile picture, and, every time you go live on Periscope (we recommend at least twice a week) it will flash red and tell the world that you’re “LIVE on Periscope”.

Cool, huh?

If you’re trying to grow your Periscope following to attain VIP status, then this will help you along that cobbled road to the red carpet. Take advantage today!

That’s better – I’m all warmed up again now. See you next time!!