blackberry-z10 Saturday Social: Issue 34BlackBerry doubts resurface, Microsoft plan 7” Surface, social survey results, Samsung reveal biggest-ever phone

Doubts over the future of BlackBerry have again resurfaced this week, following a 7.8% drop in share prices for the company on Thursday.

 Saturday Social: Issue 34

The stock reached an all-time high in January, prompting optimism to surround the firm’s future once more, but has since lost around a quarter of its overall value. Reports that BlackBerry have been shipping their latest handset, the Z10, at a discounted price have also added to investor’s concerns.

“(The) recent optimism surrounding the ability of the new BlackBerry 10 products to get BlackBerry back to long-term profitability will ultimately prove unwarranted,” The Calgary Sun report Pacific Crest analyst James Faucette wrote in a research note.

“We see a combination of market maturity, more aggressive pricing from competitors and smaller resources than those of competing ecosystems frustrating the comeback attempt,” he added.

Whilst some analysts believe that BlackBerry will be able to overcome its recent problems, due to the fact that it’s now capable of attracting app developers, Faucette believes that the new BlackBerry operating system is too little too late.

“We believe BB10 is likely to be DOA,” he went on to say, “we expect the new OS to be met with a lukewarm response at best and ultimately likely to fail.”

Microsoft plans 7” Surface

The internet rumour mill is working overtime this week, with speculation that Microsoft is to bring out a 7” version of its Surface tablet rife.

Word has it that the consumer version of the tablet, the Surface RT, is to be chopped down from 8.9” to bring it in line with other, smaller, tablets on the market.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the 7” tablet should go into production later this year. This is no surprise as the reception to Windows 8 has been lukewarm at best and the steep decline in PC sales in the first quarter of the year has been attributed to this, to some extent.

microsoft-7-inch-surface-2 Saturday Social: Issue 34

Surface itself hasn’t fared much better than the latest version of the popular operating system, but Windows Phone does seem to be picking up a little more market share.

However, if just making the Surface a little smaller does the job for Microsoft, I would be very surprised.

Social survey results – people are ruder online

A recent survey into social networking has found that two in five people have stopped all contact with a connection following an altercation on a social network.

people-are-ruder-online Saturday Social: Issue 34

This could be because a huge 88% of people believe that social media users have no problem being much ruder online than they would in a face-to-face confrontation.

This has led to one in five people reducing their physical contact following an online run-in with somebody that they know in “real life”.

The survey was conducted by VitalSmarts and co-chairman Joseph Grenny believes that online arguments often spill over into real life these days.

“The world has changed and a significant proportion of relationships happen online but manners haven’t caught up with technology,” he told Reuters on the release of the survey.

Results include:

– 76% of people asked have witnessed an argument

– 19% have stopped having as much in-person contact with someone due to what they have said online

– 88% think people are less polite on social media

– 81% report unresolved arguments that have happened on social

The survey highlights a shift in how people use social media and the lack of ‘netiquette’ to be found online since the emergence of the medium. Whilst it used to be the case that an understood set of rules governed how people behave online, this is no longer the case.

Samsung unveil huge smartphone

Samsung continue to forge ahead with its incredibly popular Galaxy range, this week unveiling the Galaxy Mega, the biggest phablet to date, boasting a 6.3” screen.

The electronics firm say that the new device is ideal for watching video, or running two apps simultaneously. It’s also thought that the Mega will still be small and light enough to fit in a pocket, or used with one hand.

Europe and Russia will be the first to receive the product and it’s thought that the size is designed for people who want to do everything from one device.

However, I can’t really see anyone wanting to use such a large device as a phone without feeling like Dom Jolly in the library!

The Mega is expected to go on sale in May.

samsung-galaxy-mega Saturday Social: Issue 34

Basketball Boris

Madcap London Mayor Boris Johnson pulled off a surprising basketball trick shot at a recent media event in the capital promoting the Euroleague Final Four tournament. Whilst reports have been circulating about an apparent table tennis tournament to take place between Boris and challenger Pippa Middleton, it seems that the Mayor could instead be the new Magic Johnson.

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