google-plus-tips Saturday Social: G+ catching Facebook up, Nokia reveal 41MP phoneGlobal PPC spend up 22%, G+ catching Facebook up, Nokia reveal 41MP phone, Murray makes history

According to new research from Covario, global PPC spending has accelerated 22% from Q1 and 23% year-on-year. Whilst that’s great news for the digital marketing industry, it’s even better when it comes to mobile, which has seen its spend increase 39% from Q1 and a huge 132% year-on-year.

 Saturday Social: G+ catching Facebook up, Nokia reveal 41MP phone

This means that mobile now accounts for 16% of the world’s spending on search. Looking at overall mobile devices, smartphone marketing accounted for 40%, whilst tablets saw 60% of spending on PPC advertising.

However, whilst smartphones continue to show a strong growth rate, tablets suffered a slight decline for the first time in several quarters.

CPCs grew by 10% in Q2 and it’s thought by the author of the report, Alex Funk, that this is due to increasing competition amongst consumer and enterprise tech clients.

“There have also been several platform changes over the past three quarters, including Google’s Product Listing Ads and the new Enhanced Campaigns, but it’s too early to tell if the latter has really affected CPCs yet since much of the market is taking a wait-and see attitude,” he said.

Google continues to dominate the market overall, with an overall share of 86% of spend and impressions alongside 62% click share.

google-market-share Saturday Social: G+ catching Facebook up, Nokia reveal 41MP phone

Yahoo-Bing continue to grow steadily though, with spending rising 23% over the course of the year and 7% in Q1.

It’s thought that we’ll see a stronger presence from tablet and smartphone enhanced campaigns for this quarter later on.

G+ is catching Facebook up

Google’s answer to social networking seems to continue to be working well for them, as new data suggests that it is quickly catching Facebook up when it comes to active users and social logins.

The numbers for active users come from an independent study carried out by GlobalWebIndex at the back end of 2012. According to a more recent look at social logins, Facebook tops the charts with 46% of all social logins, with G+ taking a healthy second place with 34%.

Twitter and Yahoo trailed with 6 and 7% respectively and whilst Google+ now has a user base numbering more than 500m, Facebook has twice that. However, it’s the growth rate that’s attracting attention when it comes to G+, as social sharing using the network is facing ahead at a rate of 19%, compared to Facebook’s 10%.

According to Searchmetrics, this means that G+ will take over as the world’s favourite social media site by 2016, generating more than 1096bn +1s per month, compared with an estimated 849bn for Facebook.

However, it remains to be seen if that means that Google will see more monthly active users on the site by that time. That does nothing to halt the speculation that G+ will dominate in years to come though.

Nokia launch 41MP smartphone

Nokia has come out fighting when it comes to the smartphone wars by launching a new device with a huge 41 megapixel camera sensor, described by analysts as “without doubt” the best smartphone camera out there.

Nokia claim that the phone will allow users to carry out such actions as zooming in and reframing photos and say that it records a high level of detail that it was previously thought “never possible from a smartphone”.

Despite this, analysts believe that it still may not be enough to make the phone a serious contender to take on market leaders Apple and Samsung. This is due to the fact that cameras only came out at number 15 out of 23 when users were asked to list the most important features on a handset.

“Most people just look at their photos on their smartphone or via a social network on a computer – and for this the other vendors already provide very good quality,” Francisco Jeronimo, a mobile phone analyst, told the BBC.

“Nokia needs to convince consumers that this new handset outperforms others in low-light conditions, otherwise they would only really notice the difference if they zoomed in on the images on a large screen or printed out a poster.”

The handset is one of the Lumia family and it’s thought that it will allow users to adjust shutter speeds, focus and white balance. The Lumia 1020 runs on the Windows Phone platform and this could be its undoing.

lumia1020 Saturday Social: G+ catching Facebook up, Nokia reveal 41MP phone

Android remains the world’s favourite mobile operating system and iOS has a strong following of hardcore, loyal fans. It’s thought that the handset will retail at £198 when a user takes out a 2-year contract.


“For an amateur or professional photographer who needs a quality camera on the move, this is the best option available on a smartphone,” said Mr Jeronimo.

“But to be able to compete with Apple and Samsung, Nokia will need to price it aggressively and to increase activities in the stores to show consumers how much better the camera performs against the competition.

“Failing that, the Nokia Lumia 1020 will become a niche product for a niche segment – professional mobile photographers.”

The device is expected to go on sale on 26 July in the US, launching in parts of Europe and China later in the year, sometime before September.

Andy Murray makes history

Love tennis or hate it, there’s no denying that the match between Scot Andy Murray and world number one Novak Djokovic last Sunday was a thriller, with some awesome returns being pulled off by both players.

Since it’s the first time since Brit Fred Perry won the men’s singles in 1936, it certainly bears a little celebrating, so here’s a compilation of the lead up to the championship point with music from Biffy Clyro.