hootsuite Saturday Social: Hootsuite raises $165m, Twitter hotel?Hootsuite raises $165m, Twitter hotel? LinkedIn gets sponsored updates, Google’s ‘always listening’ mobile and a tree party!

Social media management tool developer Hootsuite this week raised $165m from investors and it’s thought that the cash will be used by the firm to expand into new markets.

 Saturday Social: Hootsuite raises $165m, Twitter hotel?

The investment was led by Insight Venture Partners and others included OMERS Ventures, according to a statement made by Hootsuite on Thursday. However, the terms of the investment were not disclosed.

It’s thought that Hootsuite will look adding to its workforce to the tune of over 100 new employees within the next six months and the company will then go on to enter markets in Asia and Latin America. The investment is also intended to help boost business without having to seek further funding via an IPO.

“I personally would love to take this company to an acquisition or an IPO,” Chief Executive Officer Ryan Holmes said in an interview. “That being said, my goal right now is building an amazing business. I think this raise takes some of that pressure off.”

It’s also been reported that Hootsuite are looking to make a minimum of two new acquisitions, although it’s not known what the targets are, but they will be social media management based. The company has had a fantastic year and now employs 300 employees, double that of just one year ago.

“We’re looking at Latin America, we’re continuing in Europe, and we want to bring in engineering talent from the best and brightest companies around,” Holmes said. “It’s going to be really important for us over the next year.”

Last year, the company raised $20m in its first investment round and the increase in amount serves to illustrate its success. This is interesting too in terms of how Twitter’s ad revenue relates to Hootsuite’s success, as the latter is one of just 5 API partners.

This means that they are one of the few companies that sell dashboards that puts ads straight into the Twitter platform. As little is yet known about Twitter’s ad revenue, this is a small insight into how well the social network is doing.

Welcome to the hotel … Twitter?

The world’s first “Twitter hotel” has opened in Magaluf, Spain and is intended to target social media junkies who just can’t leave Twitter alone, even when enjoying a couple of weeks away from it all in the sun.

The Sol Wave House gives guests access to an exclusive Twitter app, once they have checked-in, which is only accessible over the hotel Wi-Fi. Guests can then tweet other guests, share pics, send messages, see who’s online and participate in a little social flirting via the #SocialWave tag, which allows “virtual kisses” to be sent.

social-wave1 Saturday Social: Hootsuite raises $165m, Twitter hotel?

There is also a special suite for up to four people known as the #TwitterPartySuite, which offers guests a 20% discount in hotel bars and restaurants. However, if you’re sitting by the pool, tweeting #SolWaveHouse will get you to the right place to order food.

On Fridays each week, guests get the chance to let their hair down at the #TwitterPoolParty, where they receive a free drink.

“The hotel takes a new step in meeting the expectations of an increasingly experiential and social customer profile, through new technologies,” said the hotel’s General Manager, Gonzalo Echevarria.

The world has gone crazy …

LinkedIn gets Sponsored Updates

LinkedIn has announced that advertisers and company page admins can now reach even more people in 20 languages and over 200 countries, with the introduction of Sponsored Updates.

The updates will be featured in the home page feed from now on and will be accessible on a variety of devices, including smartphones and tablets. Advertisers will have the choice of using CPC or CPM in order to reach their target audience and this applies to budgets of all sizes.

LinkedIn users will now be able to ‘like’ and comment on influencer posts, as well as having the ability to tag members in status updates.

“With Sponsored Updates, marketers will be able to distribute this content directly to relevant professionals in a place their customers and prospects are already consuming professionally relevant content. Marketers can target Sponsored Updates to any segment of our premium audience based on professional profile data across more than 225 million members,” said LinkedIn’s David Hahn in a blog post.

Talking of social and with particular regard to search Google has been granted a new patent relating to filtering social search results. Apparently the patent describes an “interface for filtering search results based on the user’s social graph” and aims to “identify search results responsive to a query that are associated with one or more members of the user’s social graph.”

It seems that the patent was filed just after the launch of G+, which suggests that it’s intended to be used in conjunction with the search giant’s answer to social networking.

Watch that space.

Google’s ‘always listening’ mobile

Sticking with Google, the search firm has announced that they will be launching a new mobile phone on the Motorola brand that has the ability to listen for commands. This will be the first phone to have been designed from scratch since Google’s £7.9bn takeover of the phone manufacturer last year.

The “Moto X” waits for the command “OK Google now…” to be uttered by its owner and is then immediately ready for further instruction. The touchless controls allow for a large degree of personalisation and it’s thought that there are 2000 possible combinations for what can be created.

It will also be possible to choose different colours and have the device engraved for further personalisation.

However, analysts that spoke to the BBC speculated that the device could step on Samsung’s toes, a company that Google has to keep sweet as they control so much of the Android market.

The device will be released in the US, Canada and Latin America from late August or early September initially and it’s thought it will cost $199 when bought as a part of a two-year contract.

Tree party! If you go down to the woods tonight …

What do bears get up to in the woods? That’s an answer that’s finally been answered with a video that’s captured the attention of the world, made by a remote wildlife camera in Kananaskis County, Canada.

At first it all seems so innocent, a lone Grizzly visits a tree in order to find some relief from that terribly itchy back. Before long though, the tree has become the most popular in the woods and bears jostle for the best scratching position.

My favourite part is the bear who attempts to use a different, much smaller, tree in the background … it doesn’t work out …