bill-gates-worlds-richest-man-again Saturday Social Issue 39 - Richest Man, Google Glass Privacy...Bill Gates world’s richest man again, Google Glass privacy concerns, prison for hacktivists, Amy’s Bakery update, real-life Facebook update

Microsoft founder Bill Gates has reclaimed his title as the world’s richest man, according to Bloomberg, for the first time since 2007.

 Saturday Social Issue 39 - Richest Man, Google Glass Privacy...

The software magnate stole the title from telecommunications manager Carlos Slim with a total fortune of $72.7bn, which is $550m ahead of Slim. Gates has seen his fortune grow by a whopping $10bn just in the past few months it seems, although this is not from Microsoft stock, but other private investments.

Slim’s title could have been affected by the recent decision by the Mexican government to end monopolies by telecommunications companies. According to Bloomberg, at the moment America Movil has 70% of Mexico’s mobile market.

Google Glass privacy concerns

More concerns surrounding Google Glass have raised their heads this week, as US politicians are seeking reassurance that the specs won’t break privacy laws.

A congressional group has written to the search giants asking questions about the data that Glass will collect about consumers, whether they are Glass users or not.

“We are curious whether this new technology could infringe on the privacy of the average American,” says the letter from the Congressional privacy caucus.

The letter raised concerns about privacy, pointing out that Google haven’t always had the best record with regard to the issue. It also mentioned the problems caused and ultimate fines imposed on Google following the collecting of data for Street View that came to light recently.

The politicians are seeking reassurance that the same thing won’t happen again with the Glass project and also want Google to explain how they are going to protect the privacy of non-users, or those who have opted out.

Google has been given until 14th June to respond to the letter.

Prison for LulzSec hackers

A group of British hackers who were part of the hacktivist group LulzSec have been jailed this week for their part in the 2011 hacks on high profile target such as Sony, EA and the UK’s Serious Organised Crime Agency.

lulzsec-arrested-uk-ryan-cleary Saturday Social Issue 39 - Richest Man, Google Glass Privacy...

The hackers, Ryan Cleary, Jake Davis, Mustafa al-Bassam and Ryan Ackroyd, were given a combined sentence of just over 7 years, plus a 20-month suspended sentence for Al Bassam.

According to lawyer for the Crown Prosecution Service, the attacks were “cowardly and vindictive”.

“The harm they caused was foreseeable, extensive and intended,” he went on to say. “Indeed, they boasted of how clever they were with a complete disregard for the impact their actions had on real people’s lives.

“This case should serve as a warning to other cyber criminals that they are not invincible,” he said.

Ackroyd, who received a 30-month sentence, was the ringleader of the group and the man responsible for choosing targets. He also provided the software which was necessary to carry out the attacks.

Al Bassam was responsible for posting the stolen data gathered in the hacks online.

LulzSec emerged as a splinter group from the Anonymous hacking collective in 2011 and carried out a series of cyberattacks lasting 50 days. The UK defendants, all aged between 18 and 21 years, were all members of the group except Cleary, who wanted to be.

Cleary also pleaded guilty to a further four changes involving possession of indecent images of babies and young children, as well as a charge relating to the hacking of US Air Force computers.

“It’s clear from the evidence that they intended to achieve extensive national and international notoriety and publicity,” said prosecutor Sandip Patel.

“This is not about young immature men messing about. They are at the cutting edge of a contemporary and emerging species of criminal offender known as a cybercriminal.”

Amy’s Bakery update

You may have seen the story published by us on Friday relating to Amy’s Bakery in the US, which showcased very well how not to behave on a social network. To cut a long story short, Amy, the bakery owner in question, went on a massive Facebook rant following a complaint from a client.

Amy thought it acceptable to call the customer a moron and a loser and went on to say that he would never be successful like she is.

Now it seems that Amy has called in PR guru Justin Rose, who is well known for cleaning up “PR nuclear disasters”. Interviewed on an Arizona radio station before his new appointment, the state where Amy’s is located, it seems that Justin’s first thoughts were that the bakery had no chance of recovering and should shut down.

However, it seems that he’s since changed his mind and is responsible for the upcoming talk to be held, so that Amy can put her side of the story across.

Can the bakery recover following the disaster that was behind the well-publicised rant? Possibly, but that will depend more on the inhabitants of Arizona than anything else.

Facebook updates in real life

We all know that social media users love to complain every time Facebook make changes to the site’s layout and functionality. The below video is an amusing mock-up of what would happen if Facebook applied to real life.

The video is highly amusing and an interesting take on what the future might hold!