Digital-Marketing-Dead Saturday Social - Digital Marketing Almost Dead? Latest Stats in Social, Google’s Health Venture, YouTube Introduce Offline VideoAccording to a recent report by The Drum, Marc Pritchard of Procter & Gamble believes that digital marketing is almost dead. At the recent Dmexco Digital Marketing Exposition and Conference, the firm’s global brand building officer argues that marketers should now be thinking in terms of “brand building”.

“We [P&G] try and see it for what it is, which is a tool for engaging people with fresh, creative campaigns,” he said. “The era of digital marketing is over. It’s almost dead. It’s now just brand building. It’s what we do.”

 Saturday Social - Digital Marketing Almost Dead? Latest Stats in Social, Google’s Health Venture, YouTube Introduce Offline Video

He went on to say that these days, creative ideas come to life when we engage with mediums that we use every day, such as social, search, mobile, PR and TV. As brands now have the ability to reach customers in new ways, it’s important to ensure that we continue to bear in mind

“this one component that has been a constant since the beginning of brand building: an idea”.

He went on to say that

“brand insight shouldn’t be something you change with every new campaign”

and that each one should be approached as if it were new.

While his comments may have seemed quite controversial in the first instance, it doesn’t really seem that he had anything to say that most marketers wouldn’t have already gathered. Branding has become the essence of most marketing campaigns, if they are carried out properly.

Brand awareness and reputation will always make up a part of a campaign that’s carried out in the digital arena, so it’s fair to say that digital marketing is here to stay, depending largely on your definition of it and the technology and marketing industry’s need to redefine terms that are perfectly sufficient.

Latest Stats in Social and Marketing

The latest from a new Econsultancy/Adobe Quarterly Digital Intelligence Briefing, entitled Optimising Paid Media has found that Facebook accounts for 41% of all social media marketing budgets, as opposed to 17% for Twitter and 18% for LinkedIn.

The differences are even more marked when it comes to how agencies use budgets, as Facebook accounts for more than half of their clients’ budgets.

It’s looking likely to be a mobile Christmas if a survey from eDigitalResearch and IMRG is anything to go by, as they found that 44% of smartphone owners will be considering doing at least some of their festive shopping online.

64% of these said that they plan to shop using their phone more than they did last year and a whopping 96% of people will opt to shop online. 48% of these said that they will carry out all of their gift-buying online.

Great news for those businesses that do a lot of their selling online, not so good for those that don’t, the results are also a prod in the right direction for those online retailers that never feel the need to promote their websites.

Moving back to social, according to an Oracle survey, 60% of marketing and technology executives plan to further integrate social into customer care within the next year. 97% believe that this is vital for the success of organisations to make the transition into being socially enabled enterprises.

Google Health

So now the majority of the furore on Google Glass has died down a little, Google has formed a company that focuses on

“health and wellbeing, in particular the challenge of ageing and associated diseases”.

It’s not yet clear how the search giants intend to achieve this, but it’s thought that it will have something to do with the company’s huge databases.

There were few details about how the firm would tackle the issues, but experts think that it is likely that it will use Google’s vast databases to search for solutions.

“Illness and ageing affect all our families. With some longer term, moonshot thinking around healthcare and biotechnology, I believe we can improve millions of lives,”

Google’s Larry Page said in a press release.

Will the next Google product let us live forever?

YouTube Announce Offline Video

YouTube has announced that they will be launching a new feature later on this year for its mobile apps, that will allow

“you [to] reach fans — even when they’re not connected to the Internet.”

This means that mobile users will be able to download a video for a certain period of time in order to be able to watch it offline. However, this is only for a short period which kicks in when you lose the connection.

“This is part of our ongoing updates to give people more opportunities to enjoy videos and channels on YouTube mobile. Check out the YouTube blog when this launches in November for more details on how this will work for viewers,”

YouTube said.


It’s been a busy week in the world of tech, first we had the new iPhone, then we had GTA V, the long, long awaited sequel to the awesome San Andreas and then of course, we had iOS 7 – or at least those that could manage to get it from Apple’s faltering, overloaded servers did.

So how did everyone get on with GTA V? Not convinced yet or love it? Whatever, the case, here’s a tester in case you need some help making up your mind, it’s the official trailer so it’s clean and safe!

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