social-media-scheduling Save time with scheduling for Pinterest, Tumblr and MoreSocial scheduling – beyond Hootsuite

Services like Hootsuite and Sprout Social are great for scheduling your social media marketing, but you still have to take time every day to post content on platforms like Pinterest and Tumblr.

 Save time with scheduling for Pinterest, Tumblr and More

It’s not just time efficiency that suffers if you can’t schedule – obviously, some messages work best at certain times of day, so you need to schedule unless you want to be pinned to your laptop 24/7. How about if your client base is halfway across the world? They’re going to need social media messages going out during their daytime – in other words, your nighttime.

BUT…there are some little-known techniques and tools that let you schedule for Tumblr, Pinterest, and more. These tips save bags of time and leaving the rest of your week free to focus on other things.

Scheduling Tumblr Posts

Did you know that Tumblr has a built-in scheduler? Not everyone does, which is what makes it powerful. When you create a new post, just choose “publish on” from the drop-down menu.

scheduling-tumblr-posts Save time with scheduling for Pinterest, Tumblr and MoreScheduling Pinterest

To schedule your pins, you’ll need to rely on third-party apps like Pingraphy and Curalate. I was pleased to discover these as I often pin late at night. The small hours are a good time to enjoy the process of discovery, but not the ideal time to get repinned by the more common daytime user. Pingraphy also saves time with bulk uploads and inline image enhancing. Plus, it has metrics, which is handy for the business user.

Scheduling More Social Media Marketing

LiveJournal also has a handy built-in scheduler. Though Tumblr seems to have taken over from LJ in terms of cool appeal, LJ is still one of the world’s most frequented social networks and is invaluable for music and film business marketing.

Did you know that you can schedule LinkedIn and Foursquare content from Hootsuite? Not everyone realizes that the app goes beyond Twitter and Facebook. With LinkedIn, you can schedule for groups and company pages as well as individual profiles, which goes some way to managing what can be an overload of information on the network.

Hootsuite also supports Google+, but stopped working with MySpace around the beginning of the year. If you’ve found a way to schedule MySpace content, let us know in the comments.

hootsuite Save time with scheduling for Pinterest, Tumblr and More

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