twitter-festive-season Seasonal Social Media TipsNow that Halloween is over and we’re putting away our dangling skeletons and jack-o’-lanterns for another year, it’s time to start looking forward to the next highlight in the commercial calendar: Christmas. As just about any retailer will tell you, Christmas is only a matter of weeks away now (eight weeks, to be precise!) which means you should really start thinking about creating some unique offers and tailoring your social media strategy, if you haven’t already.

Three simple seasonal quick wins

1. Foster engagement by starting conversations with your followers. Why not start a hashtag and ask your user base to submit their favourite holiday-related stories? Add incentive with the promise of a small prize that will be awarded to the best story.

twitter-festive-season-1 Seasonal Social Media Tips

2. Offer advice which will be genuinely useful to your customers, such as how to cook for large numbers on a shoestring budget, or where to find the perfect “secret Santa” gift for less than £10. Interspersing your questions and competitions with handy tips and facts will make it clear that you care about your customers and aren’t just trying to boost your Edgerank!

3. Christmas can be a great way to show off your company culture. Post photos of your staff parties, costume days, and charity events. You could also follow Google’s example when it comes to adaptable branding. The search engine has a different “doodle” for every world event you can think of (and some you can’t). While you will want to keep your own logos consistent, it’s easy enough to add a seasonal twist to your Facebook cover photo or Twitter background with even the most rudimentary of Photoshop skills.

Follow up your campaigns

It is vital to track and measure the success of all your social media efforts. Which posts were the most effective in garnering user engagement, and what didn’t work so well? This kind of data will be invaluable in crafting next year’s Christmas promotions.

It is also worth spending a little time in creating an “aftercare” campaign. Help get your customer base out of their post-holiday blues by inviting them to share the highlights of their Christmas, their best gifts, and plans for the New Year.

twitter-halloween Seasonal Social Media Tips

Tailor your social media all year round

This approach doesn’t just apply to Christmas. Pick a handful of occasions throughout the year, and make yourself an expert in them. An easy way to keep on top of events and festivals all over the world is to download an interfaith calendar. That way, you will be prepared to announce special offers and engage with your followers whether it be Easter, Diwali or Hannukah. Be reasonable though, about the number of events you decide to take on; it’s obviously counter-productive to stretch yourself too thinly.

The popular clothing retailer Gap suffered moderate backlash this week for a poorly judged tweet which suggested their online sale might be a nice distraction from the havoc being wreaked by Hurricane Sandy – so while a shrewd business keeps its finger on the pulse of what’s going on in the world right now, it is important to take care to never be inappropriate or insensitive!

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