Guest blogging has become increasingly popular and for a number of reasons. In this post Penguin world, where guest blogging offers a range of SEO benefits, there are also a number of non-search engine related practical pluses too.

Guest blogging allows you to shine as an expert in a specific subject on a range of other blogs and also even enables you to get a few pounds on the side. However, foremost it’s a great way of getting those quality backlinks and gets traffic to your own site from someone else’s.

 Guest Blogs and How to Get Them Published

However, the biggest issue with guest blogging is not the posting, but getting people who allow you to post. So, how do you increase the chances of this becoming a reality?

blogging Guest Blogs and How to Get Them Published
Find a Blog

The best blogs to guest post on are ones in your area. Contact the webmasters of these blogs and tell them why you want to blog there. Perhaps it’s because you like the blog, because you feel passionate about a subject or as you like the site. Narrow down your options and try and only use reputable blogs with good readerships sizes. This guarantees Google SEO benefits and also exposure. Read other posts before writing to get a feel for the blog.

Build Affinity

To get a webmaster on side you may need to build a relationship. Simple psychology will suggest people prefer to help people who they know something about. By commenting on the blog, re-tweeting previous posts or linking to their blog from your own you can interact and befriend a person. However, stay on the right side of friendly and don’t err in pest territory.

Content is King

Produce great content and they will have little issue letting you post. This often involves research, thought and some time. Then generate a title and ask the blog owner if you can blog. Do remember to offer titles that are in the vein or style of the blog however and ensure there are no grammar issues or factual problems.

Be Positive

Bloggers often send back the first draft and want a few amendments in style, tone or elsewhere. This is not to be seen as a negative. Many blogs have writers who have worked for them for periods of time and have a certain style. Remember you’re a newbie, getting numerous benefits and if they let you blog they’re probably not bad guys in the first place. Then just follow the advice graciously and make amendments to the piece. Of course, if you can’t write for pie, then hire a content writer, which is always a way to ensure your piece goes live and you get all the benefits of a guest post.

Guest posting is important. Follow the above advice and you greatly increase the chances of making it work for you.

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